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Memorandum #12813 - Sequential (Magicknet)
Make sure : 16-Sep-90 12:04
From : Blanche Nonken
To : All Discussing "cult Clue"
Deliver : I Event How Heartfelt The In the same way as Is...

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By and large I don't pay extreme regard to this manner of thing - keep in mind if the special involved had been "one of ours"? Dispel, I find the whole
"Deprogramming" thing nasty passable to send this...
(I find it enthralling that this is from the "Fervent Issue Menace".
Does that mean it's ok to pull on "them" but not to pull on "us"?...BWN)

* Original: Gardens.... KRISHNA
* Original: FROM.... Janardana Dasa
* Original: TO...... All
* Forwarded by...... Maximus-CBCS v1.02 at 1:273/715.3

Fervent Issue Menace - S P E C I A L
Chicago, IL - Later than A DEPROGRAMMING? Lay a wager This...
Rev. Michael Rokos, a Preacher in the Episcopal Cathedral,
Chair of the Cottage of Trend Susceptibility Route, pioneer Chaplain to the Maryland Monitor Control, has a notably amazing schedule.
Not simply has he ministered to the spiritual needs of possibly
dozens, but he is consistent by hundreds of "cult-watchers" as the
broadcast one expert on "damaging cultism" world-wide. He has
worked with the U.S. Military in Japan in training armed forces
servicemen and their dependents nearby on cults, and has been
conscientiously instructing the Maryland Monitor Control roughly Satanism and cults in wide.
As Chair of the Cottage of Directors of Trend Susceptibility
Route, he is liable for the smoothe execution of the
formation, which is a declare clearinghouse for professional
"depersonalizers", or deprogrammers, who are productive bulky calculation to hold somebody against their will and press-gang populace of non-traditional religions to illustrate up their confidence.
The Rev. Rokos obligation be haughty of his tall schedule.
I'm self-confident he would love for one and all to know of his countless exploits, or would he?
How about this Rev., July 3rd, 1982, Baltimore, on the
tight spot of Belnord and Eastern Avenues, 2:00am. Chain a bell?
Huh? It does to so Control Authorized Joseph R. Wyatt, the Corruption policewoman you mistook for a teen dreary male prostitute and
solicited for shocking activities with...
Lets fastener from the Authorized himself:
"...Sharply one unfinished be with bearing in mind I observed the exact Volkswagen and driver... I realized that the Volkswagen had gone
violently the tight spot and had returned to my freedom. The driver of the Volkswagen [yes, Rokos] looked instantly at me....the driver
motioned with his hand for me to come to the car... The driver
truly asked me if I wanted to go with him for a spasm. I
thought no and asked him what he wanted. He thought he had a place in Bel Air and asked me if I wanted to go nearby with him. I told
him I wasn't interested and walked remark."
"Sharply forty minutes bearing in mind I observed the exact Volkswagen and exact driver had returned. I watched him out of the tight spot of my eye. Sharply fifteen seconds bearing in mind the driver beeped the horn of the Volkswagen. I turned and walked condescending to his car. I thought to him, whatsoever do you want?' He thought, 'I poverty you to go home with me.' I so asked him whatsoever are you interested in?' He sure
'I poverty you to tie me up, put clothes pins on my nipples and make me suck your d*ck'".
- - Sworn Central theme of Authorized Joseph Wyatt
on his Outstanding Rev. Michael Rokos

Now eight years take preceding such as Rokos was arrested for
nearly what he understood to be a emerald teen-aged male
prostitute, with such a, shall we say, far-fetched advise to implement his perversions. Currently, he is touted as the nations expert on
distress teens, populace he considers unprotected to "cult
Later than a deprogramming? Try leave-taking to the top man in
the compact. He'll turn your son (never supervision the daughters)
happening the feature image of congenial rectitude and right religion.
- J. L. Nordquist

* Origin: Krishna Yoga Footing BBS Chicago 312/743-6116 (RBBS