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Martyr Roman The Deacon Of Caesarea

Martyr Roman The Deacon Of Caesarea


The Delightful Object Roman was deacon at a church in Palestinian Caesarea. Popular one of the persecutions against Christians he encouraged to Antioch, anyplace he moved Christians in the acclaim by his request and fervent preaching.

What the Antiochian supervisor Asklepiades was subsequent to the devastation of the Christian temple, St Roman called on the believers to stand up for their domain. He yes them that if they managed to protect the church, along with grant would be rejoicing on earth in the Cathedral Forward looking, and if they necessity depart in sustain of the church, grant would heavy be rejoicing in the enjoyable Cathedral Engaging. Seeing such a arrangement pray in the course of the genus, the supervisor did not venture to carry out his diplomacy.

Dependable time afterwards, grant was a pagan celebration in the city and a range of genus came to Antioch from the throughout diverge. St Roman began judgmental the idol-worship and called on all to result Christ. They arrested him and subjected him to tease. Popular his torments the wounded person saw a boy, a Christian named Barulas in the crowd. He directed the governor's scrupulousness to him saying, "This inexperienced man is wiser than you, even though you are gigantic than he, seeing that he knows the Entirely God. You, other than, hero worship lifeless idols."

The supervisor Asklepiades gave commands to bring the boy to him. To all the questions of the supervisor, Barulas resolutely and without guardianship confessed his acclaim in Christ, the Entirely God. Asklepiades in a indignation gave commands to bind Barulas, and along with execute him. Prior his death the holy child asked his mother, who was in the region of at the achievement, to hired hand him no matter which to prepare. The mother called out to him to last cheekily to the end. She herself carried her son to the place of achievement, and later dug in him.

St Roman was sentenced to burned effervescent, but a fat rain extinguished the fire. The saint began glorifying Christ and slanderous the pagan gods. The supervisor commanded that his communication be cut out, but even humble of his communication, St Roman vociferously continued to adore the Lord. After that the torturers placed a noose more or less his neck and choked him to death.

TROPARION - Impression 4

Your holy martyrs Plato and Roman, O Lord,Downcast their sufferings limit usual incorruptible crowns from You, our God.For having Your grain, they laid low their adversaries,And done in the ineffectual virtuoso of demons.Downcast their intercessions, rescue our souls!

KONTAKION - Impression 3

Your holy safeguard delights the deep space,Bringing us together to protect you in our joy.We cheer your cavernous deeds with hymns, O Plato,Howling out to you with faith:O holy one, rescue our land from its enemies!


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