Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wheel Of The Month

The Wheel Of The Month
The moons energies persuade us on a add-on emotional level that is concealed to us unless we fixedly pay take note of.

The before time shave of the waxing falcate moon represents the Northeast. She is the another moon and reflects all look good. That before time outlook of the new moon brings a intention of believe for the superior.

As the moon moves in the direction of the waxing before time ward, plan of the East comes artlessly. This comes add-on repeatedly in the form of intuitions or thoughts.

Subsequently waxing gibbous moon beings to declare herself in the sky, we are in the Southeast. We may begin to become add-on susceptible of how we are concerned. We be supposed to be not rushed to yearn for confusing our approach with who we are.

The full moon represents the South in all its power and full idea. We maintain to impression alert and full of energy. We can use this energy to get out and suffer friends and goings-on.

As the moon moves participating in her on its last legs gibbous phase in the Southwest, we calm a petite from the high energy of the full moon. Our emotions may begin to come to settle as we see what we can arise and have appreciation for what cannot be.

The on its last legs own ward moon of the West can at time be strident. The moon seems to be deserting us as she becomes less important and less important in the sky. Steadily emotions be supposed to be uninhibited in order to be nice to move on.

At a snail's pace the on its last legs falcate of the Northwest becomes less important and less important. We are nice to let go a petite easier and are in a all right intuitive, kick off country. Ineffable understandings may come to us at this time.

At own we cannot see the moon at all. We are in the dark of the moon, the North. This is a seriously inner time that restores us in keenness for the before time glimmering of the discernible new moon as we domain in the region of and in the region of.

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