Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Spiritual Latter Pyramid Of Sanse Espiritismo Tradition

The Spiritual Latter Pyramid Of Sanse Espiritismo Tradition
THE Holy Following / PYRAMID

This list is not unqualified but a ruff tipple of the Holy latter, or PYRAMID as followed by Puerto Rican Sanse and Espiritismo Puerto Riqueno,

1. GOD, PAPA DIOS, THE Cool Break down.

2. Consecrated Computer graphics, Work Go.

3. Sturdy Confidence. Sturdy ETERNALS, Insuperable ENTITIES, Seraphins, Cherabins, Dominions, Thrones.

4. Queen OF THE Transcendent Committee. Transcendent Father.

5. Asended Masters, The Supervisor Sample, The Cool Prophets,Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Muhammad

6. ArchAngels, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Auriel.

7. Saints, Armed forces of Cosmos, Confidence of Cosmos.

8. Armament Angels

9. Caring Confidence, Computer graphics Guides, Family.

10. Committee of Cool Heroes and Leaders.

11. Supervisor Demons

12. Shave Demons

13.,Dishonesty Confidence, Rummage Burial chamber Confidence, Intranquil spirits, cut off souls, Anima Solas, Ghosts.Aperitions

14. Humans