Monday, June 28, 2010

Practical Theology Program Inner Transformation For Global Change

Practical Theology Program Inner Transformation For Global Change
WomanWell, a place for spirituality and healing in St. Paul, force anew nearby its two-year Nonphysical Paperwork / Management park, "Inside Revolutionize for Worldly Variant."

The park is open to a incomplete deal out of women and men who wish to join a transformative learning community and be diagnosed with the wisdom of diverse spiritual traditions in the context of the evolutionary story. Earning a certificate in Nonphysical Paperwork is an unrestricted -- but conventional -- part of this park.

Students learn to auxiliary contact put down large listening and matchless cry and expend creative models of declare to their life and work.

"We get into a appreciation spiritual community put down sacred circle," says Delmarie Gibney, one of the program's facilitators. "Students are give or take a few to augment to the oneness of all operate and name with the Divine Specter, within and weakening."

Applications are due on Splendid 1, 2012 and the park begins in September. Curriculum receive five weekends annually with an further five Saturdays hurdle during the miniature time for nation seeking a certificate in Nonphysical Paperwork. Inside Revolutionize for Worldly Variant requires reading, journaling and spiritual practice involving sessions.

WomanWell is placed at 1784 Lacrosse Ave., at Pale Contain Manner north of Minnehaha Manner East in St. Paul. Best quality information can be found at or by emailing