Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Druidic Divination Spread Model

Druidic Divination Spread Model Image
Please begin by ignoring the vague resemblance to the "Tree of Life" diagram - purely coincidental. I offer this spread for experimentation. It's part of the first draft of my Book of Nine Moons project - more divination stuff! "While I use standard ideas from the Druidic Order of Worship for some of the positions,

I have tried to generalize these into the kinds of abstract meanings that are useful in doing 'readings' for others. If one wished to use the spread as a more direct set of omens 'from' the Kindreds, etc, that would probably work fine. As written the positions are more 'about't he influences associated with the Kindreds."Freely offered for experiment, comments encouraged."This spread is based on three triads and two additional omens,

Thus:THE FIRST TRIAD - Three Omens about the Self

1: Midrealm: The Querent: immediate and personal - the question itself
2: Earth Mother: Underlying forces, source of strength
3: Gatekeeper: Influence of the spirits, for good or ill

THE SECOND TRIAD - Three Omens about the world and the querent's place in it.

4: Past5: Present6: Future: Direct omens about conditions and likelihoods

THE THIRD TRIAD - Three Omens about influences and possibilities

7: Ancestors: Memory and Culture; influences from the past, opinions of others, social rules and customs; the Tribe

8: Landspirits: Magic and Luck; special opportunities or risks, access to power or need for protection; the Outsiders
9: The Gods: Inspiration and Blessing; the highest in the self, the most powerful in life, distant influences and sudden possibilitiesIf the Diviner desires she might lay omens for the last two positions
10: The Sacrifice: what will be required to gain the Blessing11:

The Blessing: The final good to be gained from the outcome

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