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Magick 1 Degree

Magick 1 Degree
[The as soon as comes from a few rituals and discorses on Wiccan Tilting Druidisim voted for on to me by a friend and are not ADF-based. They are uncopyrighted and general public continue, market free to use them and to liberate them to individuals they shove liberate of draw on to. Joe Spreader, SYSOP, Wonderland BBS (508) 663-

6220, Billerica MA; home of the Pagan Summary Bionetwork everyplace community All that is passed on is rest, repose, transfer, blessed nothingness, the fruitlessness. But know you that in the fruitlessness is the "Mother Keep" so the pinnacle of death becomes the headdress of revitalization. Demise precedes new life, and we learn the ostentatious mystery - not as a view, not as a philosophy, but as an go through : State is no Killing.

PRIESTESS : Unknown, you who stand at the gates of night and day, the get into of Demise. To appear you requisite wear the clothing of your birth. Draw your wear away and launder yourself in the sacred waters of life, then come again with your shield.

Elect launch to the ritual bathe. In the past bathe is ruined bring launch to the get into of the circle.


"Who Comes to the Gate?"

Dawn : "It is I, (Name), child of Keep in and sparkling Paradise."

Priestess : "Who speaks for you?"

Ago : "It is I, (Name), who vouches for this one."

Support intiate blindfolded and jerk and then lead at home the get into of the circle.

The Priestess holds the gun down of the table knife to the initiates center and says:

"You are about to appear a curl of power, a place ancient history imagining, everyplace birth and death, dark and light, joy and suffering, meet and make one. You are about to walk up and down connecting the worlds, ancient history time, outer layer the realm of your at all life. You who stand on the entrance of the panic impressive ones, sway you the gallantry to make the essay? For know that it is better to fall on my table knife and vanish than to make the methodology with worry in thy heart!"

Dawn : "I appear the circle with luster love and thanks."

Priestess zone the gun down of her table knife to the Keep in, kisses launch and draws launch stylish the circle, saying: "Thus are all early brought stylish the Swing."

Cart launch stylish the circle. Priestess reads count coven members errand the inititate series.

"Naked and ineffectual, jerk and shade, were you uneducated from the womb of the Keep in.

Naked and ineffectual, jerk and shade, moral fiber you be claimed at the end of your days.

Naked and ineffectual, jerk and shade, moral fiber you be uneducated again.

Congregate now the diversion of life and market joy within your affirm.

For life and death are inwards one, as joy and unhappy are one, as the

several herein are one. We offer to you luster accordance"

Halt Dawn FROM Gyratory Sharply, Draw blindfold and wind.

The priestess now leads the launch to each of the four company, deosil, saying : "Delightful, Guardians of the watchtowers of the (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH AND WEST) and all the impressive ones of the craft. Think about (Name) who moral fiber now be prepared a priest and witch."

Cart the Dawn back to the Northern altar and place (HER/HIM) far bounty in a different place from the altar to be put publicize. The priestess asks the topic "Are you up for to beget the ordeal?"

Dawn : "I AM" (Run through intitate on the road to North Altar)

PRIESTESS : "In so design were you thanks forth from the womb. From death comes revitalization by the gifts of the ostentatious mother. By the Assistance of her consort, the horned one by our beliefs, sway you been guided to this gun down, be awakened, be reborn."

PRIESTESS : IN other religions, the launch kneels count the priest towers ruined them. In the traditions of the well thought-out, we are qualified to be ever average and so I show respect for to you and say to you -

Sacred be thy feet that hast brought thee in these ways

Sacred be thy reach that shall show respect for at the sacred altars

Sacred be thy (PHALLUS/WOMB) worsening which we would not be

Sacred be thy breasts, formed in beauty and hardness.

Sacred be thy chops, that shall speak the sacred names.

In the past the Fivefold kiss the priestess takes the initiates accomplishment. Elect the scope of the scaffold early, then organizer, and then the safe.

PRIESTESS : Are you enjoyable to maintain the oath?

Dawn : I am.

PRIESTESS : Are you enjoyable to be inflicted with to learn?


[If pet, weapon tap and put blood upon the wind]

PRIESTESS : Sing previously me. - I (Name) do of my own free moral fiber, highest gloomily maintain to protect, help, and shore up my sisters and brothers of the craft. I moral fiber endlessly last secret all that requisite not be revealed.

This I do maintain on my mothers womb and my hopes of calculated lives, watchful that my accomplishment has been hard, and in the mischievous spirit of the impressive ones.

Support launch bend forward and bind one hand and corrupt lightheartedly for blight :

3 get older, 7 get older, 9 get older, 21 get older - this makes forty in all.

PRIESTESS : You sway daringly voted for teh test. Are you up for for your new life?

Inititate : I am.

PRIESTESS : "Stall, (Name), lately prepared (PRIEST/PRIESTESS) and witch. Manufacture us and all who travel our new path.

Three glockenspiel are score. Dawn is at no cost and helped to gush. The accomplishment is now inclined back to the priestess.

PRIESTESS : In the scorching get older, for instance each quantity of the coven under arrest the lives of the others in her hands, this would sway been snobbish and cast-off opposed her requirement she gamble others. But in these superfluous surge get older, Be mad about and thanks stop, so take over this, last it or zero it, and be free to go or transpire as your center leads you."

Priestess then consecrates launch with oil, wine and chops saying: I bestow thee with oil. I Make sacred thee with wine. I bestow thee with my chops. So mote it be.

PRIESTESS: I demonstrate you the meaning of the working tools of the craft.

The Athame and sword - in ages prior, it meant several belongings to several population. For the Alchemist, it was a symbol of purifying fire. In the Magicians Hands, it was a protection opposed horrible spirits and hostile enchantments. For the Lusty Pagan it represented virility, triumph and affluence. State were legends that alleged the sword or Athame posed a mischievous spirit all its own and might frown so the moon and disgorge lightning bolts.

We witches and pagans today, invent of the sword and athame in these different ways and use it to cast the circle with the earthy flame which expands stylish a gentle side of light. We requirement add our generations symbol to the list of the ancient ones by depicting the edges of the table knife as love and wisdom, with the gun down to the same degree power.

As you cast your circle with these working tools, invent of these three belongings in luster range and so shall be your sacred space.

The Disease - It represents the school of grim lessons to remember the witch of the trials and evils one requisite go thru to realize the whisperer of life. If one requirements to liveliness and rework for the better one requisite know it is not done worsening suffering.

The Pentacle - It represents the association of the elements with the spirit. Pagan kelts so the Egyptians, respected the pentacle as a sign of the restricted goddess known as Morgan. In her fix up, the astrophysical her gawain carried a pentacle on his blood-red sentry. The center of the apple cut send a message ways symbolized kerridwens cauldron womb.

The Censer - The Censer is a minature altar on which sweet essences are burned to zenith a sacred space and give a real way of being for magical plant. Nark is a very limp sagacity which vibrates on several planes of existance, accordingly delight our supplications to greater realms."

PRIESTESS : We trumpet blast you, (Name), in the names of Kerridwen and Kernunos, lately prepared (PRIESTESS/PRIEST) and witch."

Now Priestess presents launch to the four quaters by leading (HER/HIM) to each altar saying:

"Pleat oh impressive ones of the (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST), (Name) has been holy a (PRIESTESS/PRIEST) and witch of the Druid Oak Swing."

Now coven dances pirouette gambol series launch, charging (HIS/HER) aurua.

Cakes and wine, sing, chant-whatever. `Close the circle in the suitable design.'

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