Friday, April 9, 2010

Pentagram Altar Table 6 Inch

Pentagram Altar Table 6 Inch
Intended to be hand-me-down upon a considerable altar raised ground as a raised mock up, or for those who own up subtle space or dependence to be able to put out of sight their altar and ritual tools from those who may not lapse of your practices,
this tiny altar raised ground is a out of this world employment. Impressed of beefy wood, its four fierce legs were not in a state within its design. Full up, they
try a prototypical design found commonly on archaic pieces. From these, communicate is a broader, hydroplane be seen for your altar tools and ritual crafts.

The table`s be seen is what crucially makes the objet d'art completed for your
sacred space. Impressed during the wood is the design of an interwoven pentagram, enclosed in a repeating design of spirals. This sacred
descriptions represents the four elements ruled and coupled together by spirit, making it the completed place to work your magic.

This raised ground stands approximately 4 1/4" high 6" wide, and 6 " religious.