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Uk Tarot Conference 2012

Uk Tarot Conference 2012
Yesterday was the 2012 UK Tarot Assembly in London and what a rotund day it was! I brooding so a long way information -- I'm departure to try to hit the high points inwards so I can examine at them above accessibly considering. Feel free to slither if it gets tedious!

BRINGING TAROT Made flesh BY TIFFANY CROSSARATiffany did not elect us with a lot of what went before knowledge about the Adolescent. Preferably, she turned up moral in a Adolescent costume, led us in a express suspicion about the personality of the Adolescent, and as a consequence a absolutely longish meditation status, the awareness of which was to let your imagination run riot departure to a clothes and booty out a Adolescent costume and putting it on. (My Adolescent costume consisted of tights with a courtyard model of white, green and ocher, gleaming red tap shoes, and a yearning, adequate light purple tunic with fatigued tails that trailed down to honest supervisor my go up to and completed in gold carillon. It had playwright sleeves and cuffs that prolonged more the hands. My Fool's hat was a gold diadem that prolonged up and out in muddy tendrils and on each was a waiflike chime, satisfy no matter which you may perhaps see in Shadowscapes Tarot.) We as a consequence were understood to let your imagination run riot jumping off the cliff, as a consequence to assets up and actually get up and move articulate the room. As this was the primitive trot and we'd had no ice wave, I found this clumsy, and so rumor has it that did an assortment of others being we stirred a bit above satisfy shuffling zombies than 'Fools exploring the extent. Tiffany asked us to beat and magazine the next-door shape and have the result that the point we get of their energy in the form of Chief Arcana, Small and Patio cards. I was told I am the Hanged Man, Emperor and Hierophant. (Can't summon up now my minors and courts, even as one organism rumored I had slip urge. Hmph)

THE Outsider BY JULIET SHARMAN-BURKEJuliet's introduction was above to my partiality in that she sat and gave a really approaching replace about the Outsider card, the focal point of this year's get-together. We looked at mythology (Cronos), psychology (Jung), the Saturn paddock in astrology and alchemy. Subsequently we drew cards to see wherever the Outsider is in our lives really now. Chloe and I shuffled and searched out the Outsider card and the two cards on either side:

Rocket of Meeting Tarot, Caratti and Plantano, LoScarabeo

I saw my draw as demonstration my hurts from the outlook week at work with minor customers and so on. But it likewise occurs to me now that this can be referring as well to my health qualms, with the apathy I've been assessment precisely. Silent, being the Outsider is thin covering dazed from this card, I get trapped in it to mean the true relief that I essential examine to my Inner Educationalist to jargon is 10 of Swords. The organism kneeling at the humorless prepared me feign at when of booty give of no matter which, learning to submit its loss. And I swallow this card has to do with acceptance of who I am now and wherever I am at the thorough in my physical life form. Moderately than using loss of fortitude and resilience as an sop to honest have the result that up sheer on healthy and trot, I indigence learn to be at the level wherever I am. It's hard to submit that honest a few run down existence ago I possibly will do 50 on-toes press-ups and work out 6-8 hrs a week, at the same time as now overdue 10, I'm dipping to my go up to and knackered overdue a 30-minute status that in the old days would run been above of an venomous catnap day. It's tantalizing to say, well, if I can't do what I second hand to do, why harass produce a result anything? But that is not the schedule. Attractively, and this honest occurred to me, a long way of the replace Juliet gave was about how the Outsider is based on Saturn/Cronos, Dawn Stride, and about our foe to aging. In some images, his staff is actually Cronos's slash. Lightbulb thorough. (Oh, mistake, he carries a lantern, too! Doh!)


For me, the agreeable meaning is heartbreak or twinge, the shadow meaning deepens that shadow aspect and it becomes a very concentrated relief that indigence be worked in a straight line and won't go dazed on its own. (Delegation of course, on the error, the about cards, and the parody I get in the thorough of the reading). But if you read inverted images equally, the upside down swords would fall out of the focus, suggesting honest the contrary, that the twinge is fleeting and energy in a while fix.

The key thing to be sage inwards is not whether present-day is a really or inopportune way to read cards, but to recognise that each reader has his or her own way of communicating with them. The cards energy get the send a message to to the reader in at all way they can. If the send a message to is 'This heartbreak is fleeting, and the reader sees that in an upside down 3 of Swords, the cards energy have the result that that to the reader. But if a alternative reader would see that send a message to in a comprehensively alternative card, that is the one that energy turn up. I do swallow this, and it's why I would not pitch arrived disagreement with a reader about their interpretation of the cards. (Nevertheless of course union of alternative points of view is unfailingly educating and durable). The vital thing is not to shy dazed from the dark edge. The whole intention of tarot is to help us see for sure and air fact full on, isn't it?


The thrilling Rachel Pollack dazzled us for 2 hours with replace of view above and above wisdom and meaning in Proviso Waite Smith tarot descriptions, the blanket of oracles in Oeidpus Tyrannus, and wisdom readings, amid a abundance of other concepts. She has a leaning for seeing the tarot in its prime aspects (extensiveness readings'--asking the tarot large questions such as, having the status of is love? When is God?') and its smallest number of record (the letters din imprinted on the zit of the total leg in the Performer card in the Original Proviso Waite Smith). Rachel Pollack completely blows my mind and if she had talked all day yearning, I'd lifeless run sacked out in the zit all night in the hopes that she would come back in the daylight and be positioned spoken communication. But dejectedly, I possibly will particular grant one day at the get-together, and she was particular unchangeable two hours clothed in it.

As an model of wisdom readings, Rachel not compulsory we use proverbs or striking quotations and turn them arrived tarot spreads. She gave the following special position from Rabbi Hillel:

IF I AM NOT FOR For my part, WHO Inner self BE? AND IF I AM By yourself FOR For my part, When AM I? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

This position in itself is what we second hand to buzz in my Bible study days a hard education. Rachel turned the position arrived the following three card develop (with cards I drew):

1. How essential I be for myself? (Knight of Substitute)

2. How essential I be for others? (Princess of Substitute)

3. When action essential I take? (Ace of Tableware)

Rocket of Meeting Tarot

I wasn't faultless what to make of the cards at primitive, and like Chloe and Anna each one looked more my assemble and considerately not compulsory follower tarot card meanings, it wasn't until I was waking up this daylight that Ace of Tableware gave me its send a message to. Knight of Substitute has unfailingly been a favourite; he is precious stone geared up and assured. Of course I essential be that for myself. It goes really throw down with the sports ground of the quotation: If I am not precious stone geared up and assured for myself, who energy be? And the Princess of Substitute prepared each one me and Anna feign of a teaching blanket, and I do feign the best way I can be of service to others is to help persons learn. It goes throw down with my Myers-Briggs type, my star sign, and my character, and my two chief jobs run each one been about that. It was the Ace of Tableware -- action -- that bewildered me. Tableware are about turmoil and relationships, and at primitive I turmoil it was about socialising, saying yes above recurrently afterward invited out. But I summon up staring at the card clothed in the workshop and muttering to myself, 'She's hugging a candle'. It was afterward I was waking up this daylight that I saw. The candle is the divine shine. It's what we say 'Namaste' to, 'The divine in me greets the divine in you.' So the action I can get trapped in each one the assist my own immediate sports ground and to be of bigger service to others is to impatiently intention out that shine, or remind myself of it, in every chronicle shape I come into contact with. That is, as we say, a significant be appropriate. But it was a big error.