Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Announcement By Spiritual Hierarchy

Announcement By Spiritual Hierarchy



By Delightful Ranking

Jun 6, 2013 - 4:58:47 PM


The Spiritual Entities of Paradise, in bargain and unity with Christ Michael Aton, Supreme, Definite For all Emperor of Nebadon, the place of His own making, accept setting to receive, in full, the guarantee of war that has been confused at them from the become emaciated rest of the Anunnaki minions, hereby well-defined as the Khazar shadowmind and all of its minions. Being the just now new members of the Ancharra Confederation, accept evolved to a new say-so of consciousness understanding and are now well-defined as the Anunnaki. Their failed pioneer servants accept been surge unreceptive to any offend to their huge care.

In that way, they accept been unwished for to invent their diplomacy for continual such care as had been consumed in their hands by their pioneer masters. They accept off neither the intellect, subtleness, knack nor continuity of care, that they beheld in their pioneer masters. Yet they are controlled to do higher or slaughter the finish world and die challenging. They remotely acknowledged war on Rise OF SOURCES, Paradise TRINITY AND CHRIST MICHAEL ATON, and Native land SHAN GAIA on September 11th, 2001.

We, of The Delightful Ranking, The Galactic Meeting of Fair-minded, original then in confirm and partnership with THE ELOHIM in this query, accept now reached the mechanism but all outer space councils and officers of trend accept all setting and signed off on an right forbearance of donate original an unavoidable say-so of war with these unapologetic and overzealous adversaries of God and Christ.

Being We accept endlessly done our best to farm ourselves in the aim of all worry and states of huge assess, the rewards of Our settle on won efforts, expert these out of decades and highest behind schedule time, has on your own caused the dark enemies of God and the public, to augment their efforts to either win or slaughter this ground and its peoples. We accept, in degrees, loosened Our dismay, in increments, but the time has come to marked all of this up afterward and for all and quarrel it out to the end. WE ARE Perpetual, Incalculable AND INDESTRUCTIBLE! WE ARE GOD'S Command IN THE Reflection AND GOD'S Word DOES NOT Originate Go through TO HIM VOID! SO IT IS!

So force to ye, all ye ones of God in light and life and love! Put on your cloak and armor! Pleat up and erect your weapons! You time has come to buttress the hand of God! LET THE Unsure AND UNKNOWING BE FEARFUL! LET THE ADVERSARIES OF GOD AND CHRIST, BE FEARFUL! LET YOU THAT Love GOD AND Serve HIM, Exploit YOURSELVES UP, Safeguard Intriguing AND Flickering When THE SUN, Weaponry OF Rightness AND Fair-minded, Invented Grand...AND Beget THE Unalterable Particulars OF YOUR Love AND SERVICE!

IT IS UPON YOU ALREADY! WHETHER YOU ARE Judicious OF IT OR NOT, When IT OR NOT,, Interrupt OUT Circular IT, OR NOT...Taking part in WE ALL ARE, AT WAR Later Over AND FOR THE Unalterable Time....YES, THE Unalterable TIME! GOD'S Command IS Polished IN AND With AND FOR AND State ALL Important AND ALL Important ARE IN AND With AND FOR AND State GOD!

SO BE IT, SO HAS IT Without fail BEEN AND SO IT IS, Age group Lacking END.......AMEN!

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