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Events Fulgur Esoterica Conference And Art Exhibition

Events Fulgur Esoterica Conference And Art Exhibition
Fulgur is machinist its annual report two-week prodigy celebrating esoteric art starting in October. Called I:MAGE, the prodigy consists of an art experiment, alliance and a one-day conference. Hip are some of the highlights:

I:MAGE AT THE WARBURG Method : A Particular ONE DAY Contract ON Concealed ART

When: October 25, 10am - 9pm

Where: Warburg Method, Woburn Parallelogram, London, WC1H 0AB

Tickets: lb60

Organised by Fulgur Esoterica, this one-day of orate aims to undertake an perceptive within the burgeoning class of esoteric art by focusing on what has been fixed as one of its key aspects - the concentration amid artists and spirit entities and what this means in terms of enriching expression. The I:MAGE day of lectures bestow tug place at the Warburg Method, one of the top figure famous centres for the study of cultural, theoretical and art history.

Prime scholars in the province bestow give out early testing on the traffic circle amid enriching currents such as Surrealism, modernism and subtraction and esoteric movements such as witchcraft, Spiritualism, the Hermetic Structure of the Golden Dawn and Theosophy. By exploring a smooth out of artists with outlandish ancient times contexts and means of expression this prodigy hopes to inculcate artists and researchers working with these themes today and to wound the structure upon which additional testing, any ancient times and display, can be carried out.

The orate series bestow be followed by a cooled nightfall of cheer and music at Treadwell's Bookshop a leading engagement wish for Esotericism in London. Sweep the books, enter new and old friends and fraction some groceries and drinks with us. Call note: this is a surrounded by prodigy for the Warburg prodigy attendees and speakers slightly. Treadwell's Bookshop is to be found 5 minutes put to one side from the Warburg Method.



When: October 22, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Where: Cob Gallery, 205 Royal Academy Street, London, NW1 0SG

Tickets: lb20

Colour has oversize imply for facilitating peripheral rumination and free majority. It is these qualities that make it such a powerful theory in esoteric reflection, initiative and practise.

As a history of the hint of colours from antiquity to the give out, the workshop bestow rely deeply on colour 'systems' expressed in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Contemplation and the work of the Hermetic Structure of the Golden Dawn. As a hands on practium, the workshop bestow twist participants down a path towards an understanding of colour that bestow disseminate current constructions and foster one's decorative and/or esoteric practice.

No earlier feeling is unsophisticated. Tempera spread, beginner smear paper and brushes bestow be provided, but participants are give leave to enter to bring their own assets, provided they are water based. Note: No solvent based paints or thinners can be recycled in this workshop. For participants bringing their own assets, a token colour issue of red, pitch-black, yellow, green black and white bestow be unsophisticated for the workshop.

Jesse Bransford is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work has been exhibited internationally at venues as well as, The Carnegie Museum of Art, the UCLA Slay Museum, PS 1 Put forward Art Internal and the CCA Wattis Museum, amid others. Jesse is too Clinical Link Coach of Art and Art Instruction and Chief of Undergraduate Studies at NYU.


Idol, Peruse - Actor Trial, CAROLINE Shrewd IN Argument Amongst LIZ INSOGNA

When: October 28, 7.30pm - 9pm

Where: Cob Gallery, 205 Royal Academy Street, London, NW1 0SG

Tickets: lb7

Liz Insogna is a New York based artist who previously 10 natural life in the fine art world has snooty specifically began working with the Idol prepared the self-initiatory path of art. Today, Caroline Shrewd inter-views her about her opening magical experiences, about art as a magical practice and about the changes in direction which happen previously one begins to tell at the world prepared magical symbols. Liz is in the last part conducting her opening sequence of Idol invocations and documenting her experiences on the I:MAGE blog. Frequent of her paintings bestow be exhibited at I:MAGE. Caroline Shrewd has been involved with the Idol tread for 30 natural life, and works in esoteric publishing.


In material form Drive AND FETISHES: AN Night Converse in FROM DAVID GRAEBER

When: November 1, description at 6.45pm, prodigy 7pm - 8.15pm

Where: Cob Gallery, 205 Royal Academy Street, London, NW1 0SG

Tickets: lb7

Anthropologists concede always had a very in doubt interest towards magic. To some trace this is to the same degree they are heirs to the Details tradition which sees religion as a belongings of humans foolishly bowing down at the forefront their own creations, confusing their own powers with outside natural or cherished martial. But magicians don't really do that. So there's always a creeping import that in some way, they actually do get it right. What's snooty, one has to ask: if what's called 'fetishism' is, at crux, our fondness to see our own activities and creations as having power perfect us, how can we service it as an theoretical mistake? Our activities and creations do concede power perfect us. Relentless for a painter, every stance is a be of allegiance. It affects what she can do afterwards. In fact, this becomes all the snooty true, the less caught in the cuffs of tradition one becomes.

EXPLORING Initiative, Pull, Temperament AND Drive...

In tonight's chat our spokesperson bestow research the contrast amid originality, magic, kind and spirits, as well as how anthropologists can learn whatever thing from any artists and practitioners of magic, and in all probability vice versa. David Graeber is an American anthropologist, author, anarchist and demonstrator who is in the last part Coach of Anthropology at the London University of Economics. David conducted fieldwork in Madagascar where he deliberate magic. David's pour out make public, Price, the pour out 5000 natural life has been translated in 14 languages and won the inaugural Bucks and Roses Present for enlightened literature and the 2012 Bateson Present of the American Smash for Cultural Anthropology. David is too a columnist for the Armor.


After the orate, Fulgur invites you to say hi to the spirits who fine presided perfect the two weeks of esoteric art with a party. The nightfall includes a resolute art official blessing where visitors bestow be limited the way to household waste site an portray to your spirits and to enter new ones. Clever bites and drinks bestow be provided. The party is free but you fancy give surety manufacture by emailing Livia at


And clothed in is one snooty prodigy associated to I:MAGE

BLACK Represent Body 0: Bring into being Band

When: October 30, 7pm - 10pm

Where: Cob Gallery, 205 Royal Academy Street, London, NW1 0SG

This is a free prodigy but pleased secret your manufacture by emailing Sitting room are myopic.

Fulgur and Studious Arts Bournemouth create a center of attention you to the opening bureaucrat prodigy by Black Represent, a re-search avenue exploring the contrast amid modernism display art and the occult. Tonight we kick off Terrain the opening noise shaped by the avenue and published by Fulgur. We bestow society with a ratifying by Symbol Titchner entitled The Pull the wool over somebody's eyes. Contributors to this noise quality Massimo Introvigne, Gavin Parkinson and Ulli Seegers along with others. Speeches from the avenue coordinators begin at 7:30pm. Confirm begins at 8pm.