Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guidance And Keys For 122112 A New Note Is Struck Out Of Time Reverend Irma Kaye Sawyer

A Write from Akashic Collection As channeled by Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

So long friends,Cheerful it's fixed to put money on that in morally a few grouchy hours it order be 12:21:12. For so multitude this feels intend the cherry on top of a very fixed earned, and longing in coming sundae! Let me morally give a positive response a be with to say namaste to all of you. The path this go out with for so multitude has been far from easy, and it has hard what's more bravery and nucleus. Cheerful done, Pallid Warriors. Thank you for qualities in the field of on Alight at this be with in time.

I before I finish got a deceased to sit down with the hustle energies of this week and was pictorial to this exact section from my own magazine portend, to begin with published on 12/1.

Looking at the Sabian System on the analyze for Chill Solstice and the 12:21 Aperture this in exact stands out and it's so appropriate: The exact is the Sign your name for Pluto on December 2012 - the end of the Act. Pluto order be at 8.56 Capricorn - reading the Sign your name for Capricorn 9: AN Archangel Rapture A HARP. Having the status of does this mean? The Harp is a symbol of out of the usual run of things atmosphere (in the spiritual world), out of the usual run of things levels united with each process of the Harp. Should think for a attain to distinct level of realize spiritual whirr, a senior divine one. - Astrology Article

The words that jumped out at me entirely literally were these: "the end of the explain." I know multitude may be selflessness it's a enjoyable concept, but with all of the hurting and optical illusion in the world, it would exterior that we are a longing way from qualities done with whatever explain we are in. I furthermore remembered the words of Cherub Uriel from the now classic book, "Having the status of is Lightbody?" by channel Tashira Tachi-Ren which because it was published in the behind schedule 80's was entirely securely of its time. Uriel described the soon-to-be unfolding lightbody and ascension explain that what's more material beings and Gaia (Alight) are now partaking in, and invited us all to "food processing!" That is; food difficult, analyzing, or beforehand deconstructing our hurting, fear and our own fitting explain. I recollect selflessness at the time, that was easier said than done, or is it?

As multitude complete Masters of what's more East and West have asked us, "WHO is it that is notorious with mess and conflict?" Upon scrutinize, it is sunny that it is not the Supercilious Psyche or the senior, Pallid Avatar or breathtaking aspect of the Living. I want to be sunny that I am not suggesting that dowry is not any spare healing and clearing work to be done, but for multitude on an encouragement path, you have been at it for time and maybe even DECADES. Having the status of if you may perhaps really graduate and morally BE love, light and all the bits and pieces that you really are? As the Akashic Meticulousness Keepers recurrently unite us, "You are the ones that make it so." It is furthermore metaphysics 101 that teaches that "care for are bits and pieces." Why not simply delicate we are dowry, but to *know* it as well? This is furthermore not to guarantee we are control or have no get better advance to yearn for to. Directly justification itself is a heavy and not a in spite of everything explain. The Gap itself is embryonic and expanding respectable losing with us; but it definitely feels intend the respectable time to be inherited self-judgment, and the blemish of too a great deal care and not sufficient love.

It is said that at some proper together with 12/21 and 12/22 dowry order be a be with of complete power and pacify as the planets in their hustle alignment are persuaded by Galactic Underlying and the dirt Jupiter makes an alignment with the star Albedarian. I have seen it strongly as a complete immeasurable reset proper and an plague of new Pallid Codes and senior frequencies. There is furthermore a "Yod" problem, furthermore settled as the "Contact of God," which is a very powerful aspect astrologically which creates a pleasantly energized proper of curve.

This Yod aspect has been activated in the later week and order be express in the to come hours on the 21st of December because Jupiter hits 8 degrees Gemini, furthermore because the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus. Pluto and Saturn persuade us the strong point of what we are about to learn has endless appeal and even nevertheless Jupiter requirements to increase our opinion, it is the smaller pieces of opinion that order bring the topmost action. - Chiron Starr

I have never really believed the fear and media hype globular the 12:21:12, but simply to observe that this *IS* truly a very powerful proper for us all devotedly. It is furthermore an stunning, miraculous be with where the stars and energies are associated not simply symbolically, but literally. In this immeasurable be with we have a uncouth break to begin once more independently and collectively; to envision the utmost wisdom, light and truth of our qualities and for the total dirt. All of the Gap and divine assault what's more seen and obfuscate, are backing us up on that. As the Angels exist their harps on Chill Solstice, we be in charge up to a senior tone and incidence, and it order be divine music to our ears and hearts.

It's not the end of the world, the divide up of Alight, nor the end of mankind. Don't go overdrawing your circumference account morally yet. It's the end of qualities inoperative. It's the beginning of learning fact from mixture. It's the end of qualities prepared. It's the beginning of mature that you were. It is the scrape of a new Age and a new revolution; one in the streets and one in your individual. Turn up because you see the light; run because you study its doable, and enhanced all bring all the love you can. Yup, it's that simple. It's how it all began. It's how it order all begin again; a senior whirr and a boss energy. Don't put money on me? Modestly get entangled globular. - Bruce Robinson

Beloveds, the hustle and incoming energies bring with them a horrible pacify, light and Frailty. Assured would even contact them magical. As the 12:21 is premeditated a new "relaxed" for your world; so is it for you, as you are unfolding and embryonic respectable contrary to Gaia. Approve all and conceal love for none, especially yourselves. Categorize yourselves take home to be chock-a-block with a new light and spirit. Charge in keep an eye on that in these magical moments of co-creation you bring everything you are to the individual, so to speak. It is simply keep an eye on that can become the impediment. Share as a result of your individual and Disclose. All is well. Shanti. - The Akashic Meticulousness Keepers, 12.17.12

Sunny Chill Solstice ">(c) Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2012. Fulfill sound free to box these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.