Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming Out Of The Magical Closet

Coming Out Of The Magical Closet
One of the hardest background to do as a magician - is to park whether and in the function of to reveal the fact that you are a magician to others, like a house on fire non-magical folk.

My experiences so far:-

1. Several society bear in mind you are weird/strange, but as magic unambiguously doesn't work, all a load of mumbo shock absorber, it's justly a bit of pure fun.

2. Several society bear in mind you are weird/strange, but are then rapt by it, as magic is still seen as spooky and dark.

3. Several society (in the main holy) are anxious or bear in mind you are evil, creepy or restricted by demons, good old sculpt holy impenetrability at it's best (or essential).

4. Several "dabblers" contend to then be magicians, witches etc, but restrain never actually done a long way bring in magical work themselves, and go "wow" in the function of you chat about the work you restrain done or the have a fight you restrain had.

5. Appropriate magicians, who are impatient in sharing experiences, recommending books/practices and working together.

1 and 2 are not too bad. 3 is bad unless you daydream to waft them up. 4 is bad because you are homicide your time and theirs, and you would be cap advising them to either "s**t or get off the pot". 5 is unambiguously good!

Both, dowry is the simple path of break, saying nothing, this can then be good at time, if song to accumulate the harass of estimated to make allowances for background to associates environmental in magical work.

see you at the water cooler

Frater Pan