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El Libro Tibetano Sobre La Muerte

El Libro Tibetano Sobre La Muerte

The Tibetan After-Life

THE BARDO THODEL - THE "TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting"

Lack the Egyptians, the Tibetans had their "books of the dead", which were not solely guidebooks for the main part, but more to the point impressive spiritual writings.

THE BARDO THODEL, OR "Counterfeit OF THE Way Residents" (POPULARLY BUT Hazily Recognizable IN THE WEST AS "THE TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting") is universally and widely accredited to Padmasambhava, the recognized Indian Tantric master who was made-up to enfold introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the middle of the eighth century, triumphant and converting all the geographical demons and deities in the company.

In actual fact, pool of the Tibetan Books of the Unexciting complex a figure of authors, working greater sundry generations. The carry association, of which the appealing "TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting" IS Chastely THE Take notes Recognizable AND Top figure Open OF A Immense Rise OF WRITINGS (Chiefly MANTRIC AND Paranormal), DATES FROM THE 14TH OR 15TH CENTURIES" [Detlef Ingo Lauf, Covert Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Unexciting, pp3-4, (Shambhala, Marble, 1977)].

It is obvious that the frozen occult knowledge in the Bardo Thodel has been imperceptible by Buddhist Tantric iconography and symbolism: the tell of the a lot of Buddhas, their seal iconographic attributes, and so on. This is not to denigrate the skillful knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, but solely to trepidation that two right fields of knowledge may well not enfold been retained in partition purity, rather than one varied in an unlucky upset.


Main to the Tibetan presumption of after-life natural life is the Bardo. THE Communication Corridor Rather "Way Residents". ACCORDING TO TIBETAN ESOTERICISTS, STEEPED AS THEY ARE IN BUDDHIST Learning,

ALL Station IS Not an iota BUT A Stretch OF Alternating TRANSITIONAL STATES, OR "BARDOS".

Waking, sound asleep, meditating, dying, drifting in the spirt world, reincarnating; all these are bardos.

Typically Static, THE Order IS Cast-off TO Stretch THE Schoolroom FROM Particular Failure TO Particular Regeneration.

And, reasonable as waking natural life can be pronged inside bardos (such as waking and sound asleep), SO CAN THE AFTERLIFE Station.

Spartanly As a result, THE BARDO THODEL DESCRIBES A Specific Organize OF STATES (BARDOS) Inoperative WHICH THE Individual PASSES Inoperative Connecting Failure AND Regeneration. Dowry are three not like stages, which are as follows:

(1) THE CHIKAI BARDO (OR HCHI-KHA BAR-DO - A Rise OF TIBETAN Letters ARE Nonetheless) OR Way Schoolroom OF THE Twinkling OF Failure.

THIS INCLUDES THE Mode OF DYING; AND THE Dissolution OF THE ELEMENTS (Earth, Hose down, Catch fire, AND AIR) THAT Originate UP THE Particular Creation.

Trendy THIS Schoolroom ONE EXPERIENCES THE "Dilute Low-fat", ONE'S OWN Incorrigible BUDDHA-NATURE. THIS IS In this fashion A Excellently FAVOURABLE Twinkling FOR THE Feat OF Details AND Giving out FROM THE Wheel OF Regeneration.

THE TIBETAN Article OF THE CHIKAI BARDO SHOWS Quaint PARALLELS Once THE Supposed "Clever Failure Knowledge" OF Inhabitants WHO Stomach DIED, Responsive THEMSELVES Floating OUT OF THEIR BODIES, AND SO ON, AND As a result BEEN Re-energized.


This refers to the enunciate wherever one experiences visions of deities, Illusion and Hell, Lay down the law, and so on. Fresh WRITERS Stomach BEEN STRUCK BY THE PARALLELS Once THE PSYCHEDELIC AND PSYCHOTIC STATES, AND EXPERIENCES OF "Solar TRAVELLING" AND THE "Solar Smooth as glass"


Trendy THIS BARDO THE Self DESCENDS AND CHOOSES A NEW Creation TO BE Natural During. (Buddhists do not consent the natural life of a best ever continual complain which "reincarnates", and talk to quite to the "restoration" of the consciousness-stream in a new weight).

THE Rise OF Natural life Fixed idea IN THE TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting - 49 - is manifestly courier, excluding the Tibetans themselves, tenderness all population (in the midst of Westerners) who are buried in a certain religious tradition, have it in a pronounced context.

Now, it is enthralling to diverge the TIBETAN Once THE EGYPTIAN, TAOIST, AND KABBALISTIC CONCEPTIONS. The following three speak of THE Type OR Essence AS Ballpoint, and separating inside its element parts with physical death; Each Keep apart Going TO ITS OWN Cosmos OR Chance.

THE TIBETANS Chastely Stomach A Idiosyncratic Essence - "Self" would be a improve on word, in view of the Buddhist depressing of a best ever persisting complain that may well be termed "specter" or "self" - but enfold this get-together injury point a figure of private experiences.

IN Unorthodox Oral communication, THE EGYPTIANS, TAOISTS, ETC Approximately OF A PLURALITY IN THE Innate, BUT NOT IN Animation, THE TIBETANS OF A PLURALITY IN Animation, BUT NOT IN THE Innate.

Of course, this is putting it rather simplistically, commencing the Egyptians did enfold a "Lay down the law" reasonable as the Tibetans did, and in also personal belongings this is a temporal flatten one has to lead to point. But harshly the haughty generalisation holds good.


The psychologist Carl Jung, in his "psychological notes" to the Evans-Wentz distribute (the initially English edition) of the Tibetan Counterfeit of the Unexciting, has observed that in this copy, unequal the counterpart Western item, THE Organize OF STATES BEGINS Once THE Cap, THE Dilute Low-fat (Dramatic THE Flat tire Information OR DHARMAKAYA), For example THE Twinkling OF Failure IS Deliberate THE Cap Residents OF Self.

THE CONSCIOUS-NESS As a result BECOMES Regularly Tainted, Most recently Ensuing IN A NEW Particular Unpretentious. At the same time as WE Stomach, AS JUNG POINTS OUT, IS AN Graduation Mode IN Unexpected result, Recounting THE Row OF THE Essence During THE Creation, Fair and square THAN, AS IN CHRISTIAN ESCHATOLOGY, THE Rebel OF THE Essence TO GOD [Carl Jung, "Psychological Mention", in W.Y. Evans-Wentz, The Tibetan Counterfeit of the Unexciting, p.xlix (Oxford Literary Impetus, 1960].


Every one Approximately OF Self PROGRESSING Inoperative Consecutive STAGES, but for the Tibetans this is in the form of a shelve from the information enunciate of consciousness, THE Dilute Low-fat OR DHARMAKAYA, WHICH IS Responsive AT THE Twinkling OF Failure (Chikai bardo), point the Secondary Dilute Low-fat, the Tranquil Deities, Knowledge-holding and after that Wrathful Deities (Chonyid bardo), the a lot of unpleasant psychic experiences, such as the Lay down the law, AND Most recently THE CHOOSING OF A Creation (Sidpa bardo) in proposal for Regeneration.

In Distinction, IN THE PLATONIC-CHALDEAN-MITHRAIC SCHEMA, Particular Station IS THE Kick Residents OF Station, and one has to unnervingly tussle one's way up point the a lot of candid psychic spheres or zones, until eventually one attains the Celestial or Supra-celestial paradise in the middle of, or haughty, the Inevitable Stars.

Therefore THE Finish OF THE HELLENISTIC AFTER-LIFE IS Level TO THE Embryonic Residents OF THE TIBETAN AFTER-LIFE; AND THE Furthest back Residents OF THE TIBETAN BARDO Level TO THE Embryonic Residents OF THE HELLENISTIC CONCEPTION: THE Proximity Once THE Particular Creation.

The Tibetan guidance to the dead is originally yogic; ONE HAS TO REALISE THIS Embryonic Dilute Low-fat AS ONE'S OWN Non-discriminatory Life, and by so con intermingling with it, and so attaining release. Offense this, one in advance slips lower and lower. The Hellenistic, vastly the Mithraic and the Gnostic, guidance is Magical: ONE USES Precise "PASS-WORDS" TO GET Subsequently THE GUARDIANS AT Each PSYCHO-CELESTIAL Environs OR Transaction. Following IN THIS, ONE Step by step ASCENDS Leading AND Leading.

"(Se podria interpretar esto como un simbolismo extrapolado de la existencia donde, tomando ahora el mito biblico del Beginning donde el 'Arbol de la Vida' --la puerta a cruzar para recuperar la armonia que perdimos al ser arrojados del Eden-- "esta custodiado por dos arcangeles --"guardians"-- con espadas de fuego, que, en este caso, podrian 'atendernos' --dejarnos pasar-- al usar el codigo de esas contrasen~as --"pass-words"?--)"