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Methods Of Divination Through The Ages

Methods Of Divination Through The Ages
ABACOMANCY: reading patterns of dust.

ACUTOMANCY: reading patterns of pins, needles, and sharp pointed objects.

AEROMANCY: interpreting atmospheric conditions - clouds, winds, storms, rain, comets, shooting stars, birds in flight. AGALMATOMANCY: divining with statues or idols.ALECTROMANCY: a chicken is placed in a circle of letters. The chicken chooses letter similar to an Ouija board.ALECTRYOMANCY: a rooster is placed in a circle of letters with grain on them. The rooster chooses letters by picking the grain. ALEUROMANCY: is the use of flour for divination. Slips of paper containing philosophical writings would be baked inside. Modern fortune cookies are a variant of this form of divination. An alt method was using flour and water slurry left in a bowl. Similar to reading tea leasALOMANCY: divination by throwing salt or sand.

ALPHITOMANCY: form of divination by grain, especially barley. Cakes were baked and given to guilty parties. Anyone that develops indigestion was found guilty.

AMNIOMANCY: divination by scrying in the caul around a child at birth. In ancient times examining the caul would reveal the child's future.

ANTHROPOMANCY: divination in the intestines of a person; also called hepatoscopy.

ANTINOPOMANCY: gruesome ancient Roman divination of human sacrifice. Interpretations was done on screams, spasms, and entrails.

APANTOMANCY: divination by using articles at hand or things that present themselves by chance.

ARITHMANCY: divination by reading the significance of numbers; also called numerology.

ARITHMOMANCY: form of numerology, especially one that uses the number of letters in a name.

ARMOMANCY: by divining suitable candidates for sacrificial rites by inspecting them physically; usually the shoulders.

ASPIDOMANCY: divination by entering or sitting on a circled area, or sitting on a shield, to summon an entity or go into a state of altered consciousness to gain prophetic knowledge.

ASTRAGALOMANCY: divination by observing the knucklebones or dice with writing on them; similar to tossing runes.

ASTROMANCY: a form of divination using the stars. Before astronomy and astrology went their separate ways star divination was called astromancy. This form of divination believed your birth chart was "written in stone" the moment you are born. Unlike today where astrology views this as influences that affect you.

ASTROMETEOROLOGY: use of astrology to predict major weather patterns events - hurricanes, tornadoes, violent storms, tsunami, and floods.AUSTROMANCY: divination by observing the winds, especially the south wind. Noting the direction and force. AXINOMANCY: reading axes and hatches. Examples: A blacksmith would heat the metal till it glows then interpret the image. Common People would toss the ax in the air till the blade lands in the ground, note the direction in which the handle points or the vibrations of the handle. Similar to using a pendulum.

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