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Venerable Paisius Of Hilandar Bulgaria

Venerable Paisius Of Hilandar Bulgaria


Saint Paisius of Hilandar was untutored in the go out with 1722 in Bansko happening a virtuous ethnic. One of his brothers, Laurence, was igumen of Hilandar Monastery, and singular was noted as a virtuous sponsor of In a row temples and monasteries. St Paisius himself went miserable his consistency at Rila Monastery.

In 1745 at age twenty-three, St Paisius went to his brother in the Hilandar Monastery on Hill Athos, everywhere he established monastic tonsure. The sober developed devotedly on the Devout Swell. He planned Devout Scripture and he was found good quality of ordination to the holy priesthood.

In the go out with 1762 St Paisius wrote The Documentation of the Slavo-Bulgarians, a book announcement the Christian Presume and encouragement the residence self-awareness of the vanquished Bulgarian nation.

In the midst of the gloom of outlandish unfair treatment the saint rekindled the oil lamp of Obedience, lit in advance by Sts Cyril and Methodius (May 11). The time and place of the saint's blessed end is weird and wonderful.

On June 26, 1962 the Devout Synod of the Bulgarian In a row Church under the direction of His Saintliness Patriarch Cyril, and with the record of all the Metropolitans, expressed the indebtedness of the Church and right to St Paisius. They decreed that Paisius of Hilandar and Bulgaria be glorified as a saint, and directed that his defend be majestic on June 19, "formerly, according to the In a row calendar, St Paisius the Stanch is commemorated."

The name of St Paisius is borne by a condition instructor in Plovdiv, and by common institutes and schools in other cities and villages of Bulgaria. This testifies to the momentous adulation of the saint by the Bulgarian nation.


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