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Inbox Me Or Like My Status Ideas

Inbox Me Or Like My Status Ideas
Are you looking for crazy (like my status) LMS ideas for Facebook, like LMS and I'll tag your name, fun chain messages for statuses, play funny game, let me rate you, etc.? Our Today's post brings some awesome and most funny LMS ideas for Facebook lovers, hope today your day on Facebook bring a lot of fun on your FB profile page. Both boys and girls can use these status ideas to tease and engage their friends in this fun show.


Status game: There is a crazy fight after drinking on prom night, tag your friend's name in these seven characters.

* Who run first?

* The mastermind of this fight:

* Who start crying?

* The guy who gets punched without any reason:

* Who hit with a bar-stool?

* The guy who gets thrown into the pool:

* Who call on 911?

Tag 9 friends name in front of each animal you think have some common properties.

* Greedy dog:

* A silly cat:

* Crazy horse:

* Bold like loin:

* Pig-headed:

* A snake in the grass:

* Innocent sparrow:

* Wise owl:

* Thirsty crow:

You are going to direct a movie, select 10 friends from your friend list for the following roles!

* The Hero:

* The heroine:

* The one that goes crazy:

* The nervous lady doing odd things:

* Mystery man:

* Gangster:

* Crazy Uncle:

* Best friend:

* Pet dog:

* The Killer: (WTF I kill her & then she turns around ">You lost your mind due to

"Tag and inbox me first seven people from your friends list on your Timeline."

1. Most irritated people:

2. This guy brings you Facebook game:

3. Your lovely nurse

4. Most boring person in your life:

5. Your childhood friend:

6. You're ex girlfriend:

Now post as your status!

YOU'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD, look at your profile page to the left; your first 7 friends are going with you

* Mad Witch:

* Helping Sam:

* Spell man:

* Cowardly Lion:

* Magic teacher:

* Dorothy:

* Best trainer:

* Good Witch of the North:

* Cute Fairy:

* Tin Man:

* Scarecrow:

* Funny guy:

* Winged Monkey:

Congrats! You become a king of a newly discover island! (Select the first 6 people on your friend list for the following designations).

* Personal adviser:

* Health Minister:

* Information minister:

* Chief of army staff:

* Treasury Minister:

* Lady Secretary:

* Opposition leader:

Like my status and I will;

* Tell how you look?

* My closeness

* My perfect personality match

* My best teacher

* All about my love, like, hate?

* My best roommate

* What is my best memory?

* My worst moment of life

* What should we do next?

* My secret poetry

* What is my best feature?

* Would I buy an ice-cream for you?

* Who will suit you best?


( ) Bath/kitchen towels

( ) Royal dinner

( ) Really good skin care products for dry skin

( ) Mac Makeup

( ) Get-together party with friends

( ) Clothes are always good

( ) New iPad

( ) Cash/gift cards are always great

( ) Leather shoes

( ) A case of Red Bull

( ) Safari tour

( ) New Converse

( ) Gold bracelet

( ) A trip to Joe's Crab Shack

( ) A diamond ring

( ) Colorful socks

( ) New BMW 9 Series car

( ) Purple Ray Bans

( ) A ticket to Paris

( ) New Purse


If you were locked in a room for 24 hours and had to listen to one of these artists nonstop, who would you pick?

* Justin Bieber

* Bryan Adam

* Keha

* On Direction

* Rammstein

* Lady Gaga

* Vanilla Ice

* Shakira

* Rick Astley

* Madonna

* William Hung

* Michael Jackson

* Tiny Tim

You crazy monk, do you still want more LMS idea?

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