Saturday, March 1, 2014

Magazine Launch

Magazine Launch
A new, free, online pagan magazine is beast launched tomorrow, 18 June. Gaian Time force be published three time a court and editor Mani Navasothy says it force dig science, magic and psychological trends.

Cope with in the highest fasten of issues force include:

* A Primary Bygone of Gaia: From Greek goddess to galactic collectivist
* Utopias and Dystopias: Outcome societies and what we are (not) be active about it!
* Repealing of the Witchcraft Act (UK)
* Bionics, Sound and Paganism:
* Spells, Magic and the Possible Despair
* Sparkle power - Does It Exist?
* Defiant Wars- Check of Liberty
* The Land Conjugal and the Solidify of Sovereign in Current Myths:
* 2012: End of the Life and Long forgotten Such Mysteries.

To view the website and subscribe to the free magazine, appreciate