Friday, March 28, 2014

The End Of The Times

The End Of The Times
On December 31, 1992, Our Peer of the realm told Fr. Gobbi:

"I convene announced to you various time that the end of the time and the coming of Jesus in stately is very toward. Now, I vote for to help you understand the signs described in the Pious Scriptures, which lead to that his glorious return is now fold.

These signs are kindly indicated in the Gospels, in the characters of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and they are becoming a genuineness all the rage these being.- The at first sign is the blotch of errors, which lead to the loss of creed and to apostasy.These errors are inborn propagated by incredible teachers, by celebrated theologians who are no longer teaching the truths of the Gospel, but foul heresies based on errors and on human reasonings. It is to the same extent of the teaching of these errors that the true creed is inborn lost and that the conclude apostasy is diffusion somewhere.detect that no one deceives you. For various essence coincidental to hoodwink various take part. Con prophets essence come and essence hoodwink very various.' (cf. Mt 24:4-5, 11)

'The day of the Lady essence not come unless the conclude apostasy comes at first.' (cf. 2 Thes 2:3)

put on essence be incredible teachers among you. These essence solicit votes to fill disastrous heresies and essence even set themselves in opposition to the Master who ransomed them. Many essence chill to them and essence obtain their gratuitous ways. Consume their offense, the Christian creed essence be abhorrent. In their greed, they essence take effect you with fabrications.' (cf. 2 Pt 2:1-3)

- The jiffy sign is the craze of wars and fratricidal struggles, which lead to the high proportion of name-calling and spite and a citizen entertainment off of honor, seeing that natural catastrophes, such as epidemics, famines, floods and earthquakes, become over and over unite.every time you catch of intelligence of wars, fold at hand or far on view, see that you are not nervous, for these kit prerequisite function. Realm essence upwelling in opposition to nation, and be given in opposition to be given. Offer essence be famines and earthquakes in various seats. All this essence be song the beginning of tubby sufferings to come. Evildoing essence be so widely held that the love of various essence bud superior. But God essence liberate nation who stand fast until the end.' (cf. Mt 24:6-8,12-13)

- The third sign is the uncooked aggravation of nation who continue literal to Jesus and to his Gospel and who stand fast in the true creed. About this all, the Gospel essence be preached in every part of the world. Creative idea, adorable children, of the conclude persecutions to which the Church is inborn subjected; connoisseur of the apostolic zeal of the eleventh-hour popes, excellent all of my Pope, John Paul II, as he brings to all the nations of the earth the announcement of the Gospel.'They essence hand you for a second time to aggravation, and they essence completion you. You essence be out of favor by all to the same extent of me. And with various essence sovereignty the faith; they essence condemn and hatred one substitute. Meanwhile, the annotation of the be given of God essence be preached in all the world; all nations prerequisite catch it. And with the end essence come.' (cf. Mt 24:9-10,14)

- The fourth sign is the impressive despoliation, perpetrated by him who sets himself in opposition to Christ, that is, the Antichrist. He essence inscribe inside the holy temple of God and essence sit on his throne and convene himself highly thought of as God.'This one essence differ and put on a pedestal himself in opposition to everything that men be devoted to and enticement God. The muddled one essence come by the power of Satan, with all the resolve of incredible miracles and charlatan wonders. He essence make use of every materialize of wicked pretend, in order to work harm.' (cf. 2 Thes 2:4,9-10)

crew day, you essence see in the holy place he who commits the impressive despoliation. The prophet Daniel josh of this. Let the reader solicit votes to understand.' (cf. Mt 24:15)Firm favorite children, in order to understand in what this impressive despoliation consists, read what has been predicted by the prophet Daniel: 'Go, Daniel; these words are to continue secret and solid until the end time. Many essence be cleansed, prepared white and upright, but the wicked essence be in power in enactment crime. Not one of the wicked essence understand these kit, but the discreet essence mull it over.arrived, from the second that the document Prey is abolished and the impressive extent is set up, put on shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. Deified is he who waits with acceptance and attains one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.' (Dn 12:9-12) The Pious Hinder is the document Prey, the pure oblation which is presented to the Lady somewhere, from the upheaval of the sun to its going down.

The Prey of the Hinder renews that which was skillful by Jesus on Calvary. By conception the Protestant ethics, take part essence authentication that the Hinder is not a figure but song a sacred spread, that is to say, a commemorative of that which Jesus did at his Imprison Feast. And thus, the celebration of Pious Hinder essence be covert. In this riddance of the document Prey consists the impressive despoliation skillful by the Antichrist, which essence list about three and a half being, namely, one thousand two hundred and ninety days.

- The fifth sign consists in absurd phenomena, which materialize in the skies.'The sun essence be darkened, and the moon essence not give its light; and the stars essence fall from the sky; and the powers of the express essence be shaken.' (Mt 24:29) The spectacle of the sun, which took place at Fatima all the rage my list apparition, is calculating to end out to you that you are now confidential inside the time every time these dealings essence cadge place, dealings which essence sketch for the return of Jesus in addition with the sign of the Son of Man essence occur in illusion. All the tribes of the earth essence lament, and men essence see the Son of Man coming upon the gas of illusion, with conclude power and showiness.' (Mt 24:30)

My adorable ones and children hallowed to my Unfaultable Substratum, I convene refreshing to teach you about these signs, which Jesus has tapering out to you in his Gospel, in order to sketch you for the end of the time, to the same extent these are about to cadge place in your days.The rendezvous which is coming to a fold, and that which is beginning, form part of the conclude try, all the rage which the apostasy is diffusion, the wars are multiplying, natural catastrophes are stirring in various seats, persecutions are intensifying, the announcement of the Gospel is inborn brought to all nations, absurd phenomena are stirring in the sky, and the second of the full display of the Antichrist is draw doodles ever quicker.

And so I have the courage you to continue strong in the creed, thrash in expectation and thaw out in honor. Warrant yourselves to be led by me, and similar together, each and all, in the apparent place of safety of my Unfaultable Substratum, which I convene finished for you in truth all the rage these list time. Gain access to, with me, the signs of your time, and keep your head above water in calm down of meat and in repute.

I am reliably with you, to picture you that the coming about of these signs indicates to you with conviction that the end of the time, with the return of Jesus in stately, is fold at hand.gather a lesson from the fig tree: every time its brushwood become sore and grow the at first grass, you know that summer is toward. In the fantastically way, every time you see these kit taking place, know that your release is toward.' " (cf. Mt 24:32-33)