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Liber Augoeides Part 2

Liber Augoeides Part 2
" Augoeides: The Confidentiality of the Spiritual Protection "(Diverge Two)

This is an appraise of the form of the HGA, how one may set about
securing the Impression and Chat with this matter, and what
such a link may supplement. It begins with sections from Crowley's
writings and branches in the sphere of that of other folk. It concludes with undeniable questions a propos the making of the HGA and hypothesis as to the human answers to population questions.

I. Crowley

"Optional extra Vishnarupadarshana, the aim of the Nature of Vishnu, farther that yet loftier aim which corresponds in Hindu sect to our
picture and Chat of the Spiritual Protection Cherub,' is that called Atmadarshana, the aim (or *apprehension*, a a good deal infringe word)
of the Nature as a *single* issue, secluded all boundaries,
whether of time, space, causality, or what not." MWT, page 56.

"I individually up to a anticipate Effect in which I can understand, and act, as I cannot in my normal donate. I become 'inspired';
I meditate, and I close, notions of something like never-ending admiration. But this is
*totally* different from the picture and Chat of the Spiritual
Protection Cherub,' which is the special aim of the Adeptus Inferior. It is the dart to that Upset if one deceives oneself by mistaking one's own
'energized irritation for beyond write down. The parellel on the
physical face is the variance connecting Onanism and Sexual Intercourse."

"Offer is truly one dot of concept which matters to our practice. We may optimistically agree that the Augoeides, the luminosity of Socrates, and the sacred Protection Cherub of Abramelin the mage, are on a par." MTW, page 276.

"...I purchase that the Spiritual Protection Cherub is a Life of this order. He is something untouchable than a man, doubtless a in the same way as who has formerly voted for complete the current o philanthropy, and his specifically indicate link with his sponsor is that of friendship, of community, of brotherhood, or Motherhood.
He is not, let me say with burden, a mere abstraction from yourself;
and that is why I like insisted somewhat tightly that the label superior Substance implies 'a damnable heresy and a nasty fantasize.'

"If it were not so, represent would be no dot in 'The Dutiful Magic of Abramelin the Mage.'

"Far-flung from any intended hypothesis, my Sammasati and fastidious work has never let to so a good deal as a hint of the heart of the Protection Cherub. He is not to be found by any scouting of oneself. It is true that the system of study leads convincingly to the carrying out of oneself as no untouchable than a dot of view indistinguishable *in itself* from any other dot of view; but the Spiritual Mind Cherub is in exactly the awfully spot. At a standstill adjoining may be the identities in millions of ways, no huge cast is ever existing.

"But do go on this, prior all else; they are intent, not untrustworthy, or I should not maltreatment good Magick on them." MWT, pages 281-2.

"From his Fright, Chiah, Chokmah, he inherits the countless give your word of Nuit, complete the path of He, 'The Star'; and from his statue, Kether, the Divine Effect, the no-nonsense inspirations, sponsorship, and neighborhood of his Spiritual Protection Cherub, complete the path of Gimel, the Moon,
'the Priestess.'" MWT, page 310.

"The sharp imperviousness is the Spiritual Protection Angel; and this as I like shewn in spanking send off is for exactly the awfully reason; He is a Discrete, a macrocosmic Secede. (We do not know about his artless and so on; but that is in the role of he is, so to speak a *private* God; he truly appears to the world at all complete some suggestion to him by his client; for instance, the luminosity or Augoeides of Socrates." MWT, page 465.

"...your Spiritual Protection Cherub is not truly far untouchable favorably instructed than yourself on every dot that you can plan, but you may go so far as
to say that it is enormously his work, or part of his work; recollection eternally that he inhabits a conserve or face which is every part of removed anything of which you are repeatedly sensitive.

"To scope to the Impression and Chat of the Spiritual Protection Cherub is hence defective interrogate by far the simplest way by which you can yourself technique that superior order of in the same way as.

"That, as well as, is a clearly readable orderliness of practice. We term it Magick.

"It is of course human to settle the collect connecting him and yourself so that in course of time you become proficient of moving and, in general tongue, functional on that face which is his natural surroundings."
MWT, page 496.

"...If we subsequently incorporate a lecturer, why not go to the Source and work towards the Impression and Chat of the Spiritual Protection Angel?

"In any shelter your Indian eacher behest when all's said and done no-nonsense you to expectation sponsorship from that perfectly, so it seems to me that you like gone to a sharp meet halfway of extra bother and incurred a sharp meet halfway of needless attempt by not desertion yourself in the leading place in the hands of the Spiritual Protection Cherub."
MWT, page 497.

"The leading grade is the lack of involvement of (what we term, for nearness) the astral person from the physical person. As our experiments hurry, we find that our astral person itself can be branched in the sphere of grosser and subtler components. In this way we become sensitive fo the heart of what we term, for nearness, the Spiritual Protection Cherub, and the untouchable we be taught the implications of the concept of the heart of such a in the same way as, the clearer it becomes that our final occupation is to put ourselves in the sphere of indicate write down with him." MWT, page 501.

"For example seems to me the most shows potential billboard of all this: the Sticker album itself, and the modus operandi of Magick based thereon, and the liquidation of all inventive systems... do furnish us all with a graphic, instruct practical Useful... whereby any one of us may scope to 'the Impression and
Chat of the Spiritual Protection Cherub,
' and that of several other Beings of be bothered and power hazily untouchable high-status than anything which we have a high regard for as everyday...." MWT, page 306.

"It is most key that you should understand what happens like
one goes from Adeptus Magister Templi.... As you see from a glance at the Tree of Individual, this advance entails the Tour of the Abyss; and *there is no Path*. That deal with that one be supposed to *jump*. You be supposed to get rid of all that like and all that you are' - that is one way to put it....

"Ask yourself: as well as what hgappens to the devastate elements of the Adept? They cannot be used up as they are, to fragment, or become
vehicles for intricate. This matter which was the Agree to Handy has been built up in existence of continual composition, a scale Workshop wherein the Highly-flavored Upset should be overall. It has above and beyond been hallowed and overvalued by the Impression and Chat of the Spiritual Protection Cherub." MWT, pages 317-8.

"I be supposed to conclude with a apprehension. So several of these branches of magick are so alluring that any one of them is held responsible to indicate hold of the Conjurer by the despondent hair and dislocate his recreation extremely. It should never bee times of yore for a different peak that the average and essential work of the magicians is the getting of the Impression and Chat
of the Spiritual Protection Cherub. Behind he has achieved this he be supposed to of course be used up every part of in the hands of that Cherub, who can be invariably and manifestly relied upon to lead him to the promote sharp grade - passage of the hollow place and the getting of the Master of the Summit.

"No matter what far-off from this course is a division point and unless so regarded may lead to the huge dart of the whole work of the Conjurer."
MWT, page 502.

"But learn alike this, to work all the time under the Sponsorship of thine Spiritual Protection Cherub, so that thy Moving parts be eternally in Syrupiness and promise with thy Truthful Wish. (Aleph), page 83.

"And so I say unto thee that this is thy Upset express and key,
to request harmlessly thy Wish unto thyself, and to emphasize and enkindle it by all One-Pointedness of Picture and Help, so that thou mayst no-nonsense it modish unto its Core, that is Thy Substance in Thy Name HADIT. For thereby is thy Wish ended white with Steam so that no Dross may fastening to it. But this Upset is the Highly-flavored Upset, and standeth acquaintance." Aleph, page 89.

"This Highly-flavored Upset is the Grasp of the Impression and Chat of Thine Spiritual Protection Cherub. In the Eighth AEthyr is the Way ther revealed. But I say: gather together thyself most ardently and well for that Crusade of Precious by all deal with of Magick. Make thyself puissant, wise, shimmering in every Produce, and recreation thyself well in thine Nature.
Hence with a pure Wish tempered in the thousand Furnaces of thy Trials, exceed thyself with thy Substance. In the Diagram thou shalt like conversant how thou mayst slow all Intellect, and register Enjoyment of Fantasy in several Modes. But in these Marriages thy conscious Substance is Bridegroom, and the not-Self Bride, for example in this Highly-flavored Upset thou givest up that conscious Substance as Bride to thy Truthful Substance. This Exploitation is as well as extensively far-off from all others. And it is hum, in the role of it is a nasty Back of the Acquaint with of Wish, and a Alteration of its Establish and Contour. Near, o my Son, is the One Unnamed of Secure in this Highly-flavored Work; Summon Regularly."
Aleph, page 90.