Monday, March 31, 2014

Essential Guide To Crystals By Lilly And Lilly

Essential Guide To Crystals By Lilly And Lilly
Crystals, in spite of this mined from the depths of the earth, are personal property of light
and beauty. Previously ancient period crystals limit free us a wealth of ways to heal our spirit and fuel our lives.

"The Requirement Passage to Crystals" is a discriminating user`s and collector`s guide to greater than 100 crystals, each one illustrated with bright color photographs (in the midst of augmented photo give details), with a orders case of the stone`s visual distinctiveness, healing
properties, and other practical uses. Appealing information on the
science and cultural history of physical crystals is equally provided, in the midst of any myths and legends associated with them. All and sundry entry equally has immeasurable information on the papers and conviction of the crystal (with a list of similar-looking stones; and a unique set of keywords representing the answer functions of the crystals at a uneven.

Whichever included is practical information on key topics such as meditation,
Ayurveda, Feng Shui, amulets an birthstones, wands and pendulums,
contact with auras and chakras, how to mop, charge, and conviction for
crystals, and how to use them supreme all right for healing and climb up.

This is a 288 page softcover book.