Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Full Moon To Meet Under

A Full Moon To Meet Under
On Wednesday, 18 June, grant is a full moon.

According to, the medieval name for this month's full moon is the Dyad Moon. The word 'dyad' comes from the word twosome and method two populace that are regarded as a join, such as the mother-daughter dyad.

One excuse for the name is that this full moon pour in the extremely month as summer solstice. This is the time a long time ago the two halves of the see harmonize. In neopagan jargon it is time a long time ago the God and Divine being harmonize for their federation. It is extremely the time a long time ago the maiden see becomes the mother see. Duality is the specialty.

The full moons exert been detail numerous defiant names by defiant cultures. A Celtic name is Moon of Sheep, however I exert no feel of the true origin of this. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac it is sometimes called the Strawberry or Rose Moon.

All of these are lusciously inspired. If any high-profile man were tender me roses and strawberries after that name me for a mad horse move along under the full moon on a afire summer's night, I don't suggest I would refuse for a instant...

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