Sunday, March 30, 2014

Four Leaf Clover Charm

Four Leaf Clover Charm

Four fern clover charm

Job a circle

Tricks charm on my arm,

Conserve me from all harm

Win, Air, Stir up, Dampen

One element lies within this charm

Magick make unadorned for me

All day I that I wear it.

So mote it be.


One part of wicca is to fragrance physical relevant with magickal "power". A number of mature this is done on a full moon, but exactly anytime that you "need" or suggest a charm of some classify, cast a circle and bequeath a charm. I total to bequeath a pulse for each object-this creates a essential straight. It takes a what time to bequeath a spell. Sometimes I impulsion "bequeath" a charm and along with to add an additional "acceleration", reawaken the spell on the full moon. I as well find that "charms" come to me. I impulsion accept a dream, and along with I impulsion find a physical watch over. A charm is a physical watch over that becomes a conscious symbol for everything in addition. For me, a four fern clover is a symbol of the four elements of magick. A few months back, I started dreaming that I was in a sanctuary, and it was where in Ireland. I dreamdt of all the rage a four fern clover wristlet. Then very in a straight line as, I found a discerning four fern clover wristlet on the internet as I was browsing-way farther than my line range. On boost yesterday, I went to a unfashionable store and found a discerning four fern clover pendant in sterling silver at a very low line. Subjugated off the ornament and take credit to my wristlet, I accept my four fern clover wristlet. Having the status of I accept dreamdt of this wristlet so often it has become a symbol of my "magick sanctuary". By casting a spell on it erect, the symbol impulsion become even auxiliary powerful. A number of residents wear a "in a huff" to the same extent they are Christian as a symbol for their religion. This charm impulsion be a diplomatic powerful symbol for me of the irish wiccan tradition as I practice it.


Dreamdt of a son, a son girl-kind of lively. Her name begins with M-Miranda or Mariah or everything. I am working what time protective for the son. I as well am going to a group in LA and am anxious about my weight.