Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Guru Gorakhnath

Guru Gorakhnath

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They (Nath Samprdaya) are unborn (aja). They are alive forever and never can die. Naths are constant divinities divinities. But the incarnationof Garakhnath as per our scriptures is very remarkable.

Version - Gorakhnath incarnated from the dunghill. As per our scripture. A female had not any son, she gone to the sadhu baba (Matshyandera nath) the Lecturer of Gorakhnath to delay her propel by his divine deftness. Baba has particular her Bhabhoti and said, need it with milk, in ninth month you must untutored a very ozsavi and tezsvi child. She returned home. She talked about it with her maid. Her maid send on the Bhaboti on dunghill due to her jealous key in.

Thus in the past the 12 duration, The baba (Matshyandera nath) returned back and asked to precise female but is your child, how he is. But female has not basic for that. She through hush. Baba anew asked " Mai apka putra khan hai". She replied as it is as happened. Baba asked her to need him but her maid send on the bhaboti. At hand Baba ji howl "O adi narayan ka avatar" if you seize been incarnated furthermore replied. A voice has come from the dunghill. O Lecturer ji I seize appeared about but due to scoundrel load of muck I can not come out feature. Charm do the needful...

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