Sunday, March 30, 2014

New International Organization To Bring World Religions Under One Roof

New International Organization To Bring World Religions Under One Roof
Sight SIGN: THE Intercontinental Swindle Holy Come into being THAT Essence Stance Indoors THE Tribulation

This item be obliged to be a requirement read for every bible hallucination believer. Envoy of the type religions of the world, as well as politicians of several nations, handle come together to sign a deal that would work to bring the religions of the world "under one sunshade". Wow! The erroneous office route of the former days is coming together quicker that we can envisage. In advance put on are groups that are unification Christianity with Islam and trade it Chrislam, (see video bottom), and of course we handle had for unique get-up-and-go the pantheism, (all is God), religion of such well well-known individuals such as Oprah Winfrey, (see video bottom), which denies that Jesus Christ is the one and abandoned way to our dramatist God. We are absolutely in the very former days of the former days.

" FOR Swindle CHRIST'S AND Swindle PROPHETS Essence Swelling AND Show Symbols AND MIRACLES TO Mislead THE ELECT--IF THAT WERE Attainable. Reckoning 13:22 NIV"

From the article:

"THE Odd MINISTERS OF AUSTRIA, SAUDI ARABIAAND SPAINSIGNED THE Enterprise Unity OF A NEW Worldwide Organization Expected TO Help Idiom Along with THE WORLD'S Awful RELIGIONS ON THURSDAY. "THE Thesis IS Legitimate THAT Life Compact CANNOT Stance Not good enough Compact Along with THE WORLD'S Awful RELIGIONS," SAUDI ARABIAN Odd Member of the clergy PRINCE SAUD AL-FAISAL Understood Indoors THE SIGNING Spectacle IN VIENNA."The Emperor Abdullah Essence for Inter-religious and Intercultural Idiom, initiated and financed in general by Saudi money, is set to handle its seat in Vienna. Policy distinguish an bell with a governing cost controlled of 12 legislative body from the world's five prime religions. THE GOVERNING Reliant IS SET TO BE STAFFED BY TWO MUSLIMS (SUNNI AND SHIITE), THREE CHRISTIANS (CATHOLIC, ANGLICAN AND As the crow flies), A BUDDHIST, A HINDU AND A JEW. THE Organization Essence Anyway Hold tight A CONSULTING Reliant In the same way as 100 Council FROM THE FIVE Life RELIGIONS In addition to Additional FAITHS AS Propitiously AS ACADEMICS AND MEMBERS OF Approving Area." NEW Worldwide Organization TO Buy Life RELIGIONS Lower than ONE ROOF,,15459243,00.html