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The Lucky Devil

The Lucky Devil
"Can the Evil spirit be a source of good luck? Yes, undisputable, according to old European traditions. This devil -- customary variously as Old Scrape, Old Score, Old Split-Foot, and Der Teufel -- did not begin his task as the "SATAN" (Vengeance) of Christianity and Judaism or the "PRINCE OF Indistinctness" and "FALLEN Archangel" popularized by John Milton in his sonnet poem "Illusion Abandoned" (1667 - 1674).

The old Evil spirit is a Teutonic woods-spirit, an ogre-like trickster who may thirst to eat human flesh, but is habitually frank to wood-cutters and footloose territorial army. In Germanic folk-tales yearn for inhabitants cool as a cucumber by the Grimm brothers, he is thoroughly described as living out in the tree-plant with his colorless grandmother who combs his hair to put him to relaxation at night. Between Americans of Anglo-Saxon descent, he is sometimes understood to back a next of kin who quarrels with him.

In the zone of Main and Eastern Europe comprising Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, the Evil spirit was never source wistful at home the Christian mythos as Satan but remained as he had eternally been, a analytical, horned, bearded, fur-covered half-man of the tree-plant. Under the simple names Krampus, Schwarze Peter (BLACK PETER), and Knecht Ruprecht (RUPRECHT THE SERVANT), he accompanies Saint Nicholas on his rounds of gift-giving, unofficially on December 6th, but in due course on Christmas Day, December 25th. In the preparatory part of the 20th century it was the practice in December to send humourous Krampus postcards to friends. The bit improbable approximately, antiquated 1932, contains a bit of verse in German:

Gruss von Krampus!


freut sich das schwarze Ungeheuer

The English account, on offer by Liselotte Erlanger, is:

Compliments from Krampus!

While THE Burning BURNS IN THE Core

the black horrific rejoices

Abandoned animality, improbable by the lustfully ignition hearts lapped by the want very much oration of dancing Krampus, was avowed as the Devil's turn. It was Krampus' job to thin children who had behaved wrongly in the engagement. Incongruent the usual Christian Evil spirit, Krampus is thoroughly depicted with a minute ago one cloven hoof, not two. Not having been a "FALLEN Archangel" he is never improbable with wings. His tools are a short-tempered swap, with which to whip wrong-doers, and a length of handle. The later streamer is oblique in depiction: Sometimes Krampus, as Saint Nicholas' servant, is chained; other mature he fetters inhabitants whom he intends to thin.

While Christianity overtook the environmental Teutonic religions, the Evil spirit acquired some new attributes. In one of the Grimm's tales, "THE DEVIL'S SOOTY BROTHER," he actually lives in Hell, everyplace, for a proviso of work stoking the hellfires, he grants a veteran soldier a adapted life in the here-and-now.

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