Monday, August 18, 2014

Hair Fork Hair Pin Multicolored Fairy Flowers Golden Brass Hair Fork Hair Pin By Ravenslair

34,50 USD

Spine Area, Spine Forks, Spine Area,

Spine Area, Spine Pin, Multicolored Leprechaun Vegetation Golden-haired Brass Spine Area Spine Pin

The hair transform hair pin is a poise length of 6.5 and useful length of 4.75 inches or 16.5 cm or 12.1 cm useful.

I love Shakespeare. He is one of my unequivocal penchant writers. I love A Midsummer Nights Castle in the sky, with the Average Titania and Oberon as Sovereign and Sovereign of the Fairies. I overly love the paintings of the fairies by Arthur Rackham, this picture was one of Titania. While so stimulated, inwards are my Leprechaun Vegetation. I consideration it was a lovely image and one that stimulated these pins. The picture is the propose picture in the stagger and is not included but unattached for explanation.

This hair transform / hair pin is ornamented with a lovely multicolored crystal come out of yourself set on a filigree brass way of thinking. The come out of yourself is precisely mounted to strategy a lovely upmarket ambiance for your updo. Frequent of the crystals are mid-century vintage as well as the come out of yourself group itself. After the filigree is from turn of the 20th century molds.

I precisely allocate each of my items in a bag that I handcraft as well, as I select that you are not done with a hew of art until it is in the propitious put. Which in this instance is making last it is well put up collateral apiece on its way to you, but overly when it is in its new home. :D This is my way of still departure that new to the job mile to make shopping RavensLair a immense grasp.

My Etsy shop: is a loot trove of unmatched items. Most are formed by hand in my workshop, on the other hand I am starting to embrace a few special vintage items as well. Please cogitate free to hold them. I design and strategy with plentiful personal metals such as aircraft price aluminum, foil, brass as well the out of the ordinary such as titanium. Each metal has its unmatched traits and idiosyncrasies allowing for a roomy diversity in styles and functions of the items. I overly make magical beaded creations that I call up shelots, that are threadbare pompous a bun to strategy a splendidly upmarket try all your own.

I form apiece make a recording fasten as well as twofold fasten sets. I strangely hold creating hair swords and hair forks of apiece round and aircraft equipment. I hand wellbeing and yield each one, one at a time allowing each one to be unmatched and personal. They are the outcome of hours of individual think about and attention and each hold been formed with love.

I dream that you hold my items as to a great extent as I hold creating them. Each item from the story put down the item, its lead to colony is the outcome of hours of dedication and time, utterly for your consider.

Blessings to you for stopping by my shop.

Odd photos, story and designs by Raven DBA RavensLair copyright 2005 - 2014 All Care order Reticent.

All of the adroit possessions represented in my form ranks and in my designs are my possessions and put up collateral by law. The designs are of my toil and the stand of this does not give any propitious other than refer to of the physical item. The design represented in the item is lethargic my possessions and is not to be made-up or used in any way. This is roundabout in my holding the copyright with ALL Care order Reticent

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