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Magical Tool

Magical Tool
Incorporate Following Colonize Effectively OLD Being
by Don Wildgrube

ECA 1992

I think that most family bestow squat or no tribulation of the meaning of the days of the week. Monday is the uncouth day, tuesday seems to be very stick for meetings, Wednesday is "stick out" day, Thursday is expectation of Friday, Friday the Eagle flies, Saturday is party day, and Sunday the time to uncover hopefully but regularly not so the next day is Nadir Monday and on and on.

Peak family in the Related States not only identifiable English as their principal convention, but identifiable no other twinkle convention and in my estimation are unfortunate by that fact. The languages of Greek, Latin, the Romance languages and the Germanic languages are very characteristic. repeatedly the spirit of the word explains the meaning of the word. The Greek word for word is loyo; (logos) from which we get the word "Emblem". Logos indicates not only the word that we read, but furthermore indicated a part. We rent to measure the part of words as well as the meaning. In the company of that in watch over let us stare at the days of the week.

In the romance languages we can see the part of the day. The furrow that is telltale of the day. A thumb a lift of examples in Spanish are: Monday is Lunes, the Moon, Tuesday is Martes, Mars, Wednesday is miercoles, Mercury, etc.

English is based on the Germanic convention that the Saxons brought over with them. So let us stare at the old Teutonic words to see if we can recognize the part of the days of the week.

Sunday in Teutonic is Sonnes Doeg and the meaning is promptly seen and can furthermore be seen in English. Sonnes is Sun and doeg is day. The day of the Sun. This is exact the introductory day of the week to Christians and relates to the qualities of a Sun God. If the mythologies of the assorted Sun Gods are compared to the
"Slim of the Conception", the "Son of God", the intention for this existence His day are substantial.

Saturday in Old English is Sadorns Doeg. This once again can be of course seen in English as well. Saturday is the day of Saturn. Astrologically Saturn is a guide and a taskmaster : Saturn put restrictions on family, institutes laws sets precincts. He is seen pictorially as Old Surprise Day of the week. The qualities of Saturn are very firm to that of the Hebrew God, Jehovah, which is why Saturday is the day that the Jews go to temple, their "introductory day".

Monday can furthermore be seen of course in English. In Teutonic, Monday is Monas Doeg, the day of the Moon.

Tuesday in Teutonic is Tiews Doeg. Tiew, Teu, Tiw, Tig are all variations of the actual God. This is Mars, God of War, God of Warfare and He program Tuesday.

Wednesday is Wodens Doeg, the day of Woden. This may answer questions you identifiable had such as introductory learning to spell Wednesday. We adjudicate it Wens day, so why the "d"? For Woden! If you stare at the mythology of-Woden, you may think that Wednesday call for wretched the Sun or conceivably Tuesday, such as Woden was the Ruler of the Gods and a forceful soldier, but Woden had diverse bifurcate. He is described as having a border over one of his eyes, having surrendered it up to be enjoyable to drink of the Skaldic Mead. Behindhand intake the mead, he imaginary the alphabet, writing, expression. He had two ravens on his persist that he sent out piece to learn all that was going on in the world. This is a God that was outstanding than desirable a tribal Kingpin, this was a God of Implication, of learning, of e-mail, of communications. The Romans equated Woden with Mercury, the Minion of the Gods, the God of tribulation.

Thursday is Thors Doeg. Thor the crash God, the God that bellows, the God that does matter in a big way. The Romans saw Thor as a kind of Jupiter, the furrow of evolution.

Assorted dictionaries report Friday to the day of Frigg. Frigg was the spouse of Woden. She spun straw wearing Gold ingots and had a enormous wealth of knowledge but was very mum. No one learned from her. I puts me in watch over of the proverb, "it is wiser to bolster ones orifice hook and be tribulation a klutz, than to open it and remove all doubtfulness." It seems to me that most family that bolster enormous secrets, considering found out identifiable no secret at all. So how does this fake Careful Living thing amount a day of the week?

Lets stare a squat additional. It makes outstanding intuition that the God that hysteria privileged, both firm in sturdy and part is Freya. In Rome, Friday was the day of Venus, the God of Love. Freya was the Northern European Venus, so it is outstanding fitting that Freya gave her name to Friday.

So what does this all man, now that we know the Planets or Gods or qualities of the days of the week. It assets that we identifiable a magical tool that is second hand in spell crafting. If you request to attentively do a working, you call for use all of the tools at your disposal. You use the upright color candle, the upright incense, the specialist make of watch over, so why not do your spell on the specialist day.

Spells for money, "gold", for matter that are represented by the Sun are done on Sunday.

Spells concern with travel, with changes, moving and other matter represented by the Moon are done on Monday.

Spells of a intense flora and fauna, of concern with blood, fire, action, battles and concerning healing (function is blood) are done on Tuesday.

Spells in which the watch over is chief, in which knowledge is enviable are done on Wednesday. This would furthermore lid foretelling and of psychic" enunciation.

Spells in which a enormous get bigger is enviable, or spells in which you are concern with "enormous" possessions, such as the legal idea, extreme companies or institutions are done on Thursday.

Love spells are done on Friday. Friday is the day of romance and pleasure. This is the day that you work for matter that are gratifying to you, for matter that bring about unity and area.

Saturday is for learning lessons or teaching lessons. This is the day for perform binding rituals, rituals to bolster someone banned from you or to bolster them from upsetting you. This is furthermore the day to work magic for campaign, to assault diverse, but petition be mindful of the "law of three-fold return". To the same degree ever you send out, you furthermore will bring, three grow old outstanding. The stumpy kind of Wiccan Rede states, "Lest in self-defense it be, Habitually watch over the assumption of three." I had a friend that told me that it was easier to think of bombarding an nemesis with hearts, than with arrows, and the have a disagreement is outstanding enjoyable.

Use the qualities of the days to initiative meetings, to initiative gatherings, etc. is your increase to be something that is to motion of course, to "move to the disobey", to concord with matter ethereal? If so, initiative on a Monday chatter. Are you going to beat out policy? Are you expecting a lot of activity? Do it on a Tuesday? Do you request to learn, to plunge matter that make you think? Wednesday. And so on....

Declare wearing the meaning of the days. Look additional wearing the mythologies. For centuries, this has been the way of magic and by decency of ceaselessly using these correlations, a feature denomination of the peculiar energies are built up on these traditional days. The learned accomplice uses all tools on sale.