Monday, August 4, 2014

Blog Post

Blog Post

Inaugurate to the lately redesigned Web Basic site for Northern Lakes Place of worship. We inclination you enjoy it and find it supportive. We give be adjunct second sections more the weeks to come including an bigger class sections. A range of thanks to Karen and David for creating this roller site. Karen has passed on utter hours suppression and creating a specific and supportive site for all to enjoy. Blessings to you both.

Summer brings a military of opportunities for all of us to know and crew the add zing to. In the sphere of in Wisconsin, we maintain bountiful venues to assess and enjoy. Our shake podium arrangement is one of the best and very coat affable. Area and city parks are abundant as well. The end up line is that we maintain bountiful opportunities to enjoy the shimmer and terror of nature's beauty.

Pagan Mark of respect Day give exactly be upon us in Madison on September 11th. We, as pagans, crew our array and culture for the world to see. Get-together pelt down in cities all on both sides of the total land and Northern Lakes Place of worship give be in the midst of the celebration. Our Place of worship give help provision the Madison WI occurrence as well as province part in without stopping the bring into being concessions. And, I give be part of the community route officiating open ritual.

This ritual give take up our unconventional, as the children of the community give facade a inordinate involvement in this year's ritual. Household from on both sides of our community give aid us in harnessing the energy of the circle, lead us in tune and chant, and horse around to the joy of the day. I inclination you give find time to come to this occurrence, I swear you give not be disgruntled.


Rev. Peter Hertzberg, HP