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About Hekate

About Hekate
The goddess Hekate was one of the highest deep dieties of the ancient world. Her history stretches back crossways the millenia. We find traces of her in the recent previously, close indoors the Renewal - stretching back close the Obsession and Roman Empires, Hellenistic, Sort and Archaic Greece close indoors the Greek Dull Ages - and beyond. Hekate has been with us for at least three thousand time.

She was a liminal goddess who was put on view at all the limits and transitional moments in life. She was more to the point an 'evil-averting' safeguard and guide. Her triple form emphasized her power exceeding the three realms, these having the status of the tone, sea, and earth. Her ancient character was seen in the countless animal heads she was depicted with, each emphasising eccentric character of her manifold chutzpah.

Quite a few of her well distinct titles include:

* "CHTHONIA" - naughty one
* "DADOUCHOS" - torch bearer
* "ENODIA" - of the ways
* "KLEIDOUCHOS" - key bearer
* "KOUROTROPHOS" - child's talk of
* "PHOSPHORUS" - light bearer
* "PROPOLOS" - spouse
* "PROPYLAIA" - before the exit
* "SOTEIRA" - knight in shining armor
* "TRIFORMIS" - three bodied
* "TRIODITIS" - of the three ways

Letters, herbs stones and other correspondences alike with Hekate:

* ANIMALS: "Black ewe lambs, Pig, Bull, Cock, Cow, Dogs, Acquaintance, Goats, Cattle, Lions, Mice, Mullet (associate), Polecat, Rams, Serpents, Have a meal "
* COLORS: "Black, Red, Ineffective, Blond "
* MINERALS: "Copper, Gold ingots, Loadstone, Meteorite, Cerulean"
* Plants AND HERBS: "Anise, Belladonna, Garlic, Aconite, Onion, Poppy, Saffron, Touch, "
* TREES: "Apples, Oak (foliage), Willow, Yew"
* FOOD: "Eggs, Toddler, Amphiphon Cakes" (a cheesecake with lighted candles stuck indoors it)
* SYMBOLS: "Table knife, Keys, Horned Crescent, Pegasus, New Moon, Three-Way Crossroads, Trident, Clone Torches"

Sources: Keys to the Crossroads and Hekate Liminal Wake by Sorita E'Este