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North John Jr

North John Jr
ST. TAMMANY Subdivision, LA.

Obituary for: NORTH, JOHN "Lecturer" P., JR.

Submitted by: Louis Lavedan.

Source: E.J. Fielding Committal Homeland, Covington, La.

Died Tuesday July 6, 2010

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NORTH, JOHN "Lecturer" P., JR.
(June 17, 1921 - July 6, 2010)

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John P. North, Jr. died on July 6 at the age of 89.

He was born in Gilliam, Louisiana, grew up in Old Hickory, TN and was a renter of Covington and Mandeville for the previous 27 energy. John graduated from Fortification Heights Military Campus in Lebanon, TN and Vanderbilt Teacher but he earned Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. He was a experienced of the Sailing Building block and served in the South Conciliatory modish Invention War II.

Because in high school at Fortification Heights he was accepted as an condescending natural high jumper, key up in football, basketball and trace. He set regular school information and was inducted concerning the Fortification Heights Hall of Publicity. John was open football scholarships at diverse universities but chose to function Vanderbilt, direct to home. In his freshman blind date he played football, basketball and ran trace for the university. This was at the distinction of Invention War II, and last his freshman blind date he enlisted in the Marines to meaning his homeland. He was austerely wronged on the Islet of Tinian and earned the Mauve Core. Previously his ethical release with the height of Sergeant, he returned to Nashville and began to rehabilitate his wronged legs so that he may well lettering football anew. He rejoined the Vanderbilt team and served as head, played venomous and preventative end and was the place kicker. In spite of restrictions due to his war injuries he was choose for the All American team his stuck-up blind date. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins and played professional football for the Baltimore Colts for three energy. John was a drop a dime on for the Colts and thought the record for the document give permission to from the line of wear (thrown by Y.A. Tittle) for lots energy.

Previously his retirement from the Colts, he began his aspiration teaching job, cover as a high school trainer in Alabama and after that for college teams, together with Tennessee Tech, the Teacher of Kentucky and Louisiana Argue Teacher (LSU) on the staff of Charles McClendon in the little 1960's. He vanished LSU to derive a shape with the Detroit Lions but he worked for eight energy.

He joined the staff of the New Orleans Saints and was payable trivia trainer little in the 1973 season. His characterize with the Saints spanned two value turbulent energy and included a player's strike and a rained out training base camp. In spite of these setbacks, the Saints gained forename and reached diverse milestones together with the team's cover shutout. Lecturer North will be remembered for his heartless approaching to football and his sideline antics. Previously Lecturer North vanished the Saints in 1975 he finished his NFL teaching job with seven energy as an venomous trainer for the Atlanta Falcons.

Previously transient the Falcons, Lecturer North returned to the New Orleans office and served one blind date as quarterback trainer for the USFL New Orleans Top. Previously retirement from football, he worked as a trained Firm Possessions Stockbroker on the North Lean. He was an active accessory of St. Timothy Methodist Priestly, the Veterans of Odd Wars and remained an active accessory of the NFL Alumni Society.

Lecturer North is preceded in death by his firm favorite husband of 60 energy, Blondell
"Dale" McClure North and his son, John P. North III. He is survived by his innocent person, Martha North Tennison (Nelson), granddaughters Gayle Guglielmo Croxton (Steve), Dale Guglielmo, Katie North Demicelli (Mike), and 5 serious grandchildren.

A committal service will be thought at 2:00 PM on Saturday, July 10, 2010 at E. J.
Fielding Committal Homeland, 2260 W. 21st Ave. Covington, LA 70433.

Visitation will begin at 12:30 PM.

Funeral will survey the service at the mum Pinecrest Testament Garden.

In lieu of plant life, understanding may be completed in take out of Lecturer North (the bread man), to the St. Timothy Methodist Priestly Wednesday Unhappy Breakfast time Outreach Ministry, 334 Asbury Dr. Mandeville, LA 70448.