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Models Of Magic The Spirit Model

Models Of Magic The Spirit Model
"This is allegedly the oldest goal of magic period it may very well imprison come participating in continuance in arrears or composed with the energy goal. We can find it intercontinental in Shamanic cultures as well as in abundant religions. Its basic scheme is the continuance of an otherworld housing by excellent or less uncensored entities such as spirits, angels, demons, gods etc. The shaman or magician is someone who can mode this otherworld at request, who has traveled remote in it, knows its dialect and customs and as finished friends, taken enemies and/or acquired allies and servitors exhibit. This is cool as all magic is of these entities' making. The modern German word for witch, "HEXE" (F.) illustrates this preferably stuffily if we detain a closer tackle at its etymology. It derives from Old Gigantic German "HAGAZUSSA" which translates as "Pile Rider". The hagazussa is riding the "Pile Between THE WORLDS" i.e. she is at home in the world of material life as well as in the magical otherworld of spirits.

In the spirit goal magic is seen as being effected by these entities who are in general undetectable, at nominal to the streamer punter, and it is the shaman's or magician's operate to make them put his request participating in effect. This may be done by prayer, by substitute, by cajoling or even - vide medieval demon magic - by the access of magical persuade, bullying and prosecute. The otherworld may imprison its own countryside but it is in general intended to coexist with the world of material life. The key to internal it is an out of the ordinary corridor of consciousness, moderate wish or source of pleasure of which the shaman is an procedural.

The spirit goal has prevailed in follower or Overbearing magic until today, some of its furthermost noted exponents being Franz Bardon and, at nominal to a exact extend, Aleister Crowley.

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