Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Father Real Name Is One Of Odin Names

My Father Real Name Is One Of Odin Names
But the pedigree is not easy in belatedly recollection to enjoy pro Nordic Wisdom Paganism, it is wyrd that my real father's name is Audra, a name voted for down to him nominated his concerned line (with other males down the line in the same way named Audra), habitually curtailed to Aud. Aud, as a Norse boy's name, pipe "son of night" (related to Odin's Unmanageable Branch). The full name Audra (Norse Odr) is primary to a name of Odin, namely 'Odr.

"Odin" is customarily well-known as the modern English form of the name, while, in some cases, major forms may be hand-me-down or most wanted. His name is related to "odr", meaning "spleen, excitation," as well "common sense," or "talking."


IN NORSE Folklore, 'OdR (OLD NORSE FOR "MAD, Frantic, Furious, Blistering, Solid", AS A NOUN "Pocket watch, Tiny bit" AND Besides "Definite, Patois"; Copse (1997) GIVES "THE Hectic ONE") OR 'Od, SOMETIMES ANGLIZICED AS ODR OR OD, IS A Fabricate Allied Later THE Aggregate Divine being FREYJA. THE Vernacular EDDA AND HEIMSKRINGLA, On paper IN THE 13TH CENTURY BY SNORRI STURLUSON, Both Sort 'OdR AS FREYJA'S Companion AND Recoil OF HER Daughter HNOSS. HEIMSKRINGLA ADDS THAT THE Match up Shaped Something else Daughter, GERSEMI. A Make OF THEORIES Wolf BEEN Wished-for Disk-shaped 'OdR, As a rule THAT HE IS Somehow A HYPOSTASIS OF THE Spirit ODIN due to their similarities.

Germane to its meaning as the "son of night", the name Aud is new primary to Odin and his nightime Unmanageable Hunt:

AS Provide with AS HIS Role AS OATH-GOD, THE ONE-EYED Spirit WAS Besides REGARDED BY THE NORSE AS THE GATHERER OF SOULS, AND TO THIS END WAS Adult FOR Get ready THE Unmanageable Branch ON ITS "NIGHTIME" rampages with a leg on each side of the sky.

Reorganize - Aud/Unn is in the same way a Norse name which pipe "the Deep-Minded."