Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are Christianity Really Actually Paganism

Are Christianity Really Actually Paganism Cover This article talks about the similarities between christianity and paganism.

Is the Christian faith really a faith based off of the pagan faith? Well to be honest the answer is yes. The pagans were the first ones to celebrate Christmas and Easter and they were the first ones to do the holy communion and the pagans were the first ones to have Christmas trees, holly wreaths and candy canes. The idea and belief of a human god being born of a virgin mother and being crucified and resurrected on the third day was originally a pagan belief. The Greek god Bacchus of Greek mythology was nailed to a cross and was resurrected for the sins and sake of mankind. The cross itself was originally a pagan symbol and the word Easter comes from the name of the Greek goddess Ishtar who was a pagan goddess of Greek mythology where her animal was the hare and the food that kept her immortal and goddess like was the egg. So actually to be honest Easter eggs and bunnies are actually what Easter is all about. That is how the first Easter was celebrated. Of course we all know that even in today’s society in dominant Christian world paganism still lives on and lives forward. A lot of companies will use pagan gods and pagan symbols as their logo for their corporation so even today we even see some pagan worship and pagan symbolism in corporate America among the white collar executive fat cats. Even in our nation’s capitol we see Lincoln and Jefferson memorials that strongly are supposed to represent pagan temples. Paganism to this day has still survived no matter how much we claim to be Christians.

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