Thursday, July 8, 2010

Different Views Of Christians And Pagans

Different Views Of Christians And Pagans Cover "I think the very different world views of Christians and Pagans needs to be appreciated and respected. We do believe in one God, one truth, and one way to Heaven. That alone makes us "intolerant" in the eyes of many pagans, but it's a basic theological difference."

I would certainly agree that our different views need to be respected. But I'm personally not convinced that our beliefs are really so different. For example, most Wiccans and Pagans believe in ONE true power, (sometimes just referred to as The One), that is represented by both masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine. As you mentioned, Christians believe in one God ... but isn't this God represented by both the Son and the Holy Spirit?

In the Bible the Holy Spirit is referred to in masculine terms, but God's children are said to be BORN of the Holy Spirit, and this personification of God held the traditional feminine role of providing his children with guidance ... teaching and comforting them as they grew. Interestingly enough, the original texts of the Bible NEVER referred to the Holly Spirit in masculine terms, like we do today.

As for multiple gods ... Christians often seek help from "angels", while Pagans tend to ask the "lesser gods" for guidance. We use different words to describe our actions. Is THIS what makes us wrong in your eyes? Isn't this like saying that someone who speaks another language is wrong because they have described a person or thing using different words? I prefer to think we are all following the same God, but are using different "spiritual languages" to describe our beliefs!

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