Saturday, July 10, 2010

Self Discipline In Dark Paganism

Self Discipline In Dark Paganism Cover There are those who aren't afraid to practice black magic as part of this spirituality. Some dark Pagans are wiccans and follow the Rede how it was originally interpreted where self defense is seen as not only acceptable but as a duty.

No magic is taken lightly by those serious about their work however, especially magic that could cause harm. The karmic concept of cause and effect is a serious consideration, and the practitioner accepts full responsibility for their actions.

It would be hypocritical to suggest that there aren't those who take this approach to extremes. Since looking at our desires is part of seeing our true selves and magic is the art of bringing our will to bear, some mistake harmful magic as shadow work. Self discipline is as important to the sincere dark pagan as it is to others.

Taking any spiritual approach to an extreme is seen as a weakness that needs to be dealt with honestly. Of course, there will be others who see this as a trend to be worn like a new pair of shoes only to be discarded when the shiny veneer wears off.
The Soul of a Dark Pagan

For many in dark Paganism, there is an affinity for dark and shadowy things which bring comfort to the soul of more than anything else can. Even so, it is a step towards the dark in as much as it is a step away from a light-only way of looking at the world.

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