Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beltane Diary Day

Beltane Diary Day Image
As ever I have been thinking over my Beltane sabbat plans far too late but hey, I like to be spontaneous! I have, however, given some thought to what I want to do. Beltane (to most known as May Day) is well known for being a fertility festival but I currently have no need of the literal interpretation of this! Therefore, I'd like to honour the masculine and feminine and to think about how I channel both energies in my life and how they both enrich my life and drive me forwards.

So here are some of the things I plan to include:

* A "maypole" for my altar. I'm currently looking for a suitable branch to use, which should ideally be oak or hazel. I shall then wrap red and white ribbons around it. (This represents masculinity).

* Again, for the fertility aspect of the festival, I'm using a triple moon chalice and hope to put rain water in it on the day. (This represents femininity).

* Roses. I'm going to use some fresh cut roses for decoration but also am using rose petals for my spell ritual. If I have the time to make a flower basket when I am done, I shall give it away as a gift.

* Fire is an important element of Beltane so red and white candles are to be a central feature.

For my spell, I will be looking at the balance of male and female and aiming for a sense of completeness.

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