Thursday, July 29, 2010

Us Developing Genocidal Bio Weapons Prominent Author

Us Developing Genocidal Bio Weapons Prominent Author
A outstanding diplomatic forecaster says the Joined States has projected a bio-weapon that would strike the part of the everyday brain fixed with spirituality.

"An definite Pentagon video, leaked by the hacker group Inconspicuous, show up US services strategy to structure and deploy a raw bash that would strike people's emotional response to religion in targeted Muslim populations," Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote in an verify on Impel TV website.

Barrett went on to say that the projected bio-weapon would be drawn-out in flu vaccines and would "alter everyday genomic ventilation to take a knot of chemical lobotomy."

The forecaster overconfident described the Pentagon plan as a nice act of genocide under broad-based law.

"The culture of Islamic societies is an hysterically ceremonial culture; in all honesty, it is strong religiosity that holds these societies together. The stabbing of the essential piece of hair of the culture of 1.5 billion contest would be by far the best genocide ever attempted or even contemplated," he addition.Barrett overconfident argued that the Pentagon set sights on is a danger to all of charity as religion and spirituality insist on work towards justice. So, the US strategy to obliterate all the ceremonial and spiritual minor ailment in the world in order to magnet self-important power and seep into nations.

"The Pentagon, whose job is to eliminate the well on behalf of the wicked, would be glowing - even delighted - if bestow were no-one passed away on earth who cared about justice. If they cannot let off off the well, the Pentagon psychopaths request be glowing to pass on everybody a bio-chemical anti-spirituality lobotomy so that not a bit request ever again work for justice in this world. This would, of course, receipt the end of charity," he from side to side.

Dr. Kevin Barrett