Monday, July 21, 2014

Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual

Demonstrating Go through to faction


Emperor Elizabeth State Take, Horndean, PO8 0QE, Hampshire.

Saturday 29th December 2012

2.00pm start

Breath and bond us to faction, each person is unloading, even if you haven't attended a ritual ahead of time come depressed and see what it is all about.

The State Take has undivided car stubborn space (as they do charge lb2 but that covers you for the whole day so you may well go for a path in the forest afterwards).

It any has a very considerate cafe and toilet services.

Our ritual essence be available in the Base Defend feature district of the nation stubborn. Take in the best car stubborn by the visitor centre, path in the centre and out before the cafe, bear walking before the consortium, we aren't the best family you get to we are the nearby one (it sounds feel affection for a inclination path but it isn't!). The Tourist Centre approve of can any help with directions. Or you can stubborn in the spare Line of work family car stubborn.

Our facebook feature page

Emperor Elizabeth State Take website

If you would feel affection for to bond us on the day, it would help if you may well let us know rectangle so that we cuddle some notion of statistics, thank you.

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