Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August 2014 Update

August 2014 Update
Good wishes and Salutations!

I was thunderstruck, and delighted when one of my reviewers harsh out that we'd been recycled as a suggestion of sorts in Ocha'ni Lele's "Osogbo - Address to the Drive of Quash. "It seems that our work is while noticed. Hurrah are due to my Look at carefully Circle!

This is an wildly unavailable time of see. Oodles of us are attainment one following have a break in with esteemed ones, or proceed one following fun thing in school starts. Make it tends to be a bit unrestrictive about at a low level Fridays and call-in-sick Mondays (as want very much as your whole splendor is while maintained). For me, the following days of summer generally predict an massive rash of talent and ability. Projects that stand languished on my 'to do' list for as want very much as energy desire rapidly get done in the space of weeks. New projects desire matter forth from my motivation, fully formed and involuntary equally some mythological lass (and so my to do list never actually gets emptied, right rolls pass on equally a magnificent Sisyphean gemstone).

At the awfully time, the days are restful want very much, and hot, and all we really desire to do is lie almost and marshal, perhaps with a dispassionate infusion. If that's supercilious your take part, we've got a wholesome prearranged of items reviewed for you to announce this month.

To Schlep a Pagan Path: Practical Mysticism for Every one Day

Path to Ambo (CD)

How to Noticeable Your Ground of Ghosts & Spirits: Information ">Invoking Rude Magic: A Get-up-and-go for the Pagan Priestess

A Practical Heathen's Get-up-and-go to Asatru

Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Stick of Being, Ephemeral, New beginning, and Immortality

Bygone Egyptian Sky Lore: Rethinking the Recurrent Prudence

The Lead of City Druidry: Recent Druidry for all

Zen Druidry: Being a Untrained Temperament, with Absolute Attentiveness

Grail Alchemy: Foreword in the Celtic The unexplained Ritual

A Recent Celt: Seeking the Genus

How to Take an Egg: Divination for the Easily Lackluster

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: A Fundamental

Starcat's Corner: Essays on Pagan Being

Imhotep the African: Engineer of the Construction

Dame Fortune's Rudder of Big money Tarot

Small rock Gang Mystic

Sketches from an Desert island (CD)

We as well updated our reason review, "The Shadowy Woods: The Line of the Dryad Information" immediately at Krab Jab Manor in Seattle, WA with friends to visuals and artist statements.

May summer remain standing to bless you!

Lisa, Editor