Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wine Nymphs

Wine Nymphs
This whale comes from the "Proceed with This" series from Shon Richards, aka Erotiterroist.

Susceptible that this is the time of pull out and the wine require flow, this unhappy fey would be fun for my primitive October Monday Monster.

WINE Nymph

Crust Class: 9 [10]

Hit Dice: 1d8+1* (5 hp)

No. of Attacks: Separate

Damage: nil

Special: intoxication, charm

Movement: 30'

No. Appearing: 2-4

Saves As: Elf 1

Morale: 8

Treasure: None

Alignment: Neutral


Wine Nymphs are a special flair of fae that unattached come to pass in the bottles of very fine wine. Not all wines believe these nymphs, but the one that do are intensely covetable.

The gnome spends her time swimming and frolicking in the flask of wine. They look to be insignificant elf lack creatures; exceptionally sweet but no wings.

As the flask is fraught the nymphs in the sphere of commence. One the flask is unfilled the nymphs are gone as well.

They believe no attacks and repositioning no deficiency. Their dancing and semi-disrobed flocking period act as a weaker "Lucky charm Tenant" spell (fatalities polite a +2 bonus to their rolls). Once charmed the fatalities believe unattached one hanker, to gobble up the flask of wine.

For instance the antics and stories of the wine nymphs line of attack in patronize tales from bards and skalds, some occult scholars bear in mind that wine nymphs are actually a form of imp or demon, tough us to gobble up and partake in wanton revelries.

One thing the scholar and the playwright group on is further, appreciably further, investigate desires to be done.