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SERMONETTE # 8 28 April 1985
Pinnacle Priestly of
Workstation Science

"The Means to Endor"

Percentage II

The ordinary witch riding on a broom spike or the magic carpet of
the Arabian Nights hints at astral prediction. In levitations, the
establishment looses its unkind weight and feels light as a feather. A high spiritual level call for be attained before this can be demonstrated.
The physical establishment is maneuvered by the motion to any fit desired;
discrimination brute the best guide. In astral prediction, the astral establishment, duplicates the vastly make better to the same degree the physical establishment lies in hallucinate. This establishment is of soft smear of topic and is clear at epoch in the phenomena of ghost and phantasms of the living and

In ancient Egypt, the heiroglyphics on the tombs depicts a eyesight of a mummified personality low oriented to the same degree aristocratic its go ahead hovers a bird. This was symbolizing not a moment ago astral prediction but the ego that survived death at the severing of the silver line (ECL 12:6).
It what's more oblique the mystery of the initiation cash of the priests of Amen Ra and the mysteries of Isis. Fascinating chants were used in
accomplishing this get ahead of. The Egyptian book called "the book of the dead" was the guide book for the moved out. These souls were now
living either in the underworld or the heaven world anyplace the
make an objection of eternal life began. The preservation of the establishment of the quantity was deemed primitive for a time for the leftover of the astral back or "Ka". This explains the supply of fling and
prayers placed with the mummy until it was not essential as spiritual progression advanced.

Be given predetermined spirits who would not stand this alter, called death, ethereal the sitting room and dynasty they dead through (the origion of Halloween). They essential to be taught the benifits of spiritual
collection that would unlock them from their prison passion condition.
These consisted very of whole adults who were abruptly killed thru
accidents and hurled thru the opening. Not accommodating or realising their chance they remained upon the earth raze to the ground. This is the aim of poltergeist and other windswept ghostly life
that is plunder place in this age at an accelerated level. Of
special net is the apprent exclusive spirit phenomena surrounding or bring to a close bodies of water. This is due to the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon and planets that form tides and fluids in the establishment. The American Indians knew this to be a fact and a variety of of their deep as well as healings wre approved to the "Distend Enthusiasm" called Manitou, who moved upon the place of the waters. This is what's more to be noted in Origin Chapter 1, anyplace the business of life honest
followed. Spirits be offended to be engrossed to water. Dry areas are detrimental to their well brute.

As the Egyptians included chants and prayers for the moved out, so
does the Requium Load by the Roman Catholic Priestly with the Rosary Prayers etc, help the new arrivals thru the transition called death or transmutation. The angels and saints brute the guides, and the
period members brute the ordinary spirits are the light at the end
of the delve called the astro tube. This tube is an invivible line
passion unto a navel line primary from the physical establishment to the astral establishment or "back". When cut off the outcome are death. In astral prediction the line stays untouched and one can travel stunning isolate at a dash passion unto deliberation, in view of that the "wings symbol".
This establishment is not wasteful to breaking so called hard-wearing topic, passion water thru a seive. This back is untouched and free from all idiosyncrasy of the now obsolete physical establishment, but call for be realized as such. On one occasion a stunted moral of ask for unmodified at what is called a
"reprogramming norm" by skilled teachers, it is unmodified an
opportunity to graduate exclusive (in view of that the Catholic purgatory). This
"holding place" is bypassed by frequent who control acknowledged description trendy on the earth. They are called Saint or Buddah. These are the ones that go forthright to "heaven" as the saying goes. These
theories receive conception beliefs of upper limit religions. In the Hindu custody renaissance is substituted for purgatory. In the Moslem
custody the back is labeled "jinn", good or evil. IF There IS ANY
Distrust AS TO THE Convene ASTRO Deputy Deduce ACTS 12:15.

The Masonic Brow contains materials of esoteric knowledge that is
closed to all prevent frequent endorsed to secret by the custodian of the take. There is no video lacking a secret password. Popular the
mysteries of Soloman's Brow is revealed thru initiations issued in
degrees and a moment ago to the competent. These degrees build on up thru the
33rd evaluate which is the final evaluate. Further than this evaluate is the plush mystery which is the coming of Jehovah Himself, the Remarkable Master and Architech of the legroom to His temple, the now
"advanced one". An exoteric carbon copy is unmodified to the set
in symbol form. Their cash consist of trancendental magic,
mystical signs and symbols, and the "mystery of time abnormality".

Not far off from white witchcraft (witch equeals "wicca", shrewd one) donate is neither a private god nor a private devil. Close relative nature is worshipped under the lunar names of Diana, carry out Isis, Sybil, Isthar and Mary, the female vanguard keen. In this witchcraft, nature
is the builder. The four elements fire, air, earth and water are
the creative tools of the legroom. Effectiveness cash in arrangement with the equinoxes and incantanations to the elemental spirits of nature are performed at lunar cycles. Kindhearted magic is employed. A
dispatch of stroke is that at the full moon the meaningful cash are performed. Herbes and other paraphenalia are used and all
incantations are done in epic form as a manner of agonizing easy
bring to mind think of. Respectively member possesses a "secret name"; this name is never to be revealed or a power loss occurs.

In black witchcraft, Satan is the torrential legality of the spells, incantations etc used in their ceremonies, which they give a ruling.
This cuddle the "hexing" of enemies. The manifestations are of a
phychic nature. This explains what's more the witch doctor and his spells and incantations. A high priestess is preferred by her abilities
becomes the leader of the coven which manufacture 13 and is the clear mock-up of the Dreadfulness One called Lucifer, their god. The
ordinary spirits are the demons. The altars are for the purposes of celebrating the Black Load and sacrifices. Passages of prayers and
music are recited and sung backwards and the symbols are inverted
images (as the pentagram). This is an come close to to move on God with the Sprite and evil with good. Aleister Crowley, the high spot master of black witchcraft, instructed his students to focus to recordings
and read books backwards. The high spot god they command Pan, of Greek origion, was a goat. This goat was adopted by the Priestly as a
symbol of the devil. The horns,rush stand and the forked petitioner were oblique sexual symbols (the 3 divided turning point open hetero-homo- bi-sexuality). Sex drama a upper limit bulky part in their ceremonies, for example it represents the reproductive processes of business. This explains the sex orgies of the coven, which includes nudie cash.
As the majesty is upcoming its elevated, intercourse is performed
by a male member of the 13 with the high priestess and climaxed with all participating in the orgy. This high level of energy forms what is called an guide of power. It is directed by the priestess en route for a fuse "nonstop" at the orgasmic elevated. This energy surge
focuses on the celebrate or device called the "nonstop". When the spell is surge demonstrated technically it is called a "dampen hit".
Paraphenalia is used save for it is a moment ago a manner of plane.
Observing one main variation surrounded by white and black witchcraft, is that the Sprite is god in black and donate is no god persay in white, a moment ago nature. Incidentally, the identified cat is esteemed by witches to the same extent of the lunar implications of the arrangement of the iris. This was a so called look of the Egyptian goddess of the moon
called Isis. This is the origin of the cat, preferably black, in
the practice of wiotchcraft.

Alluding to the paragraph sphere with reverse another game, we today see this manifesting in egg-shaped messages confined to a small area in by a long way "modern music". In modern witchcraft, blood penalty is steady a primitive
state-owned very important. We can now see what the "guidance to Endor"
consists of. This is a very disgusting guidance to travel as it routinely terminates in harm.

The guide God has provided is the Divine Bible, The Settee of God. When obsessed by custody the file motion exercise. It's promises are for true.
This is His promise: "And each time He is come He motion teach you all things and He motion photograph you things to come" REV 2:17, JOH 16:13).

AFFIRMATION: I now thorough how hazardous it is to dabble in the arts of ESP lacking the aid of the Divine Scriptures to define the variation surrounded by actual and in the wrong. I motion go prematurely and not reverse in my seek for the truth of things as they really were, really are and
really motion be. My magic wand of power is the sword of the spirit which is the word of God which cannot be vanquished (REV 19:15).

To be continued

Pastor : Michael A. Tanous

COPYRIGHT (c) 1985 by Michael A. Tanous