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Temple Of The Goddess

Temple Of The Goddess
Enacting the Legend, a bundle of the Pagan put on show featuring The Sun (WQ)

Summit OF THE Idol, Los Angeles -- This Solstice celebration is a free annual rite pleasant the Sun on the background day of the engagement (light court). Pagans, New Age seekers, Earthlings (seen and doubtful), Wiccans, and Buddhists all gathered in the hill community of La Crescenta. Conservatory learner Kathryn exuded, "My mom's in the Idol choir!" Mallisa, a case of the Lumber Provision, wondered about the deer in the wing. Lee, an Apple offer who didn't know gift were Pagans in the Metropolitan of Angels, explained that he hadn't seen a ritual community be fond of this before Tennessee. In vogue in the woodsy northern reaches of Los Angeles District all walks of life gathered to passage these satirical lines:

Finishing the circle, Wiccan adjust sealing the put on show followed by provisions and fun (WQ)

Guiding Ideals

We grasp every person is the living embodiment of the Heavenly.

We view that every person is their own spiritual specialist and no one can define the Sacred and Heavenly for any one to boot.

We decode that gift are numerous paths to the Heavenly, symbolized by the numerous "goddesses" and "gods" of all cultures and all lands.

We back up an ideology and spirituality of partnership of relatives based on equality, reciprocity, and benevolent.

Despite the fact that we decode the Heavenly in numerous forms, the attraction of that which we scream the Heavenly is manifested in the female as "Idol."

We view and love Close relative Gain, Gaia, as a sacred focus who is part of letters, life, and the cycles of life.

TOG singing group before a live audience Gaelic hymns, and traditional European and modern songs (WQ)

We grasp the loss of the female consciousness and ideologies manage caused block irrevocable impair to humanity and the planet; we grasp that birth of the female consciousness, in balance with the masculine, is the pinnacle belief for humanity and the lair.

The female consciousness is the dexterousness to get underway, think about, and enlarge life.

We card the over-the-top honesty of inauguration which purports that all beings are meant to moving in joy, love, and sympathetic.

We grasp in a righteousness and ideology in which the primary main is to harm none.

"The world of humanity is frenzied of two wings: the male and the female.

So desire as these two wings are not akin in fierceness, the bird courage not fly." (Abdul Baha)

Fresh breeze of The Sun struts now recitation as stories waver all the rage stories (WQ)

GROUP: WE Take pride IN ALL Existence.

We moving in all stuff.

All stuff moving in us.

We rejoice in all life.

We moving by the Sun.

We move with the stars.We rejoice in all life.

We eat from the Gain.We the length of from the rain.We wheeze from the air.

Group: We are full of the sheen of inauguration.

We are elegant.We are "thankful."We rejoice in all life.

GROUP: WE Solution As a consequence THE Gain AND As a consequence Each Far-off

To bring new life to the landTo put back the waters To galvanize the air

We glue with the Gain and with each other

To revivify the forestsTo therapy for the plantsTo protect the creatures

WE Solution As a consequence THE Gain AND As a consequence Each Far-off

To smear the seas

To rejoice [in] the shaft

To sing the adjust of the stars

We glue with the Gain and with each other

To bring to mind our upshot To revivify our spirits To boost our bodies To retract our children

ALL: We glue together as numerous and dissimilar language of one shut mystery: for the healing of the Gain and the renaissance of all life. The later than Summit of the Idol for all ritual is tabled for what the non-Pagan world calls Halloween. TEMPLTHEGODDESS.ORG

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