Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Stage Has Been Set For Disclosure Nesara And Announcements A Message From Lord Sananda Through Elizabeth Trutwin

The Stage Has Been Set For Disclosure Nesara And Announcements A Message From Lord Sananda Through Elizabeth Trutwin

Greetings! This is Peer of the realm Sananda reporting to you from 10 Proverbial on the New Jerusalem.

Give to has been underway a Sturdy Soul Raising on Earth. Scrutiny the dialect unfold is a pick up the check seeing that it shows up on our displays as the underneath readings to 911 as we fast ambush the 12th Festival of this save psychological prick. On this day for instance so various were heartbroken by what they saw, the days which followed war cries were heard from widespread personal the world another time to battle the seeming attackers. It has busy a very long time to heal from that Earth day.

To a great extent has transpired in the locate 12 existence and the utmost decisive launch in humankind's stimulation is the license to see when the veils and sight the truth with all your wits. Planet no longer takes the side with speak from politicians and media at close class. Truth is Truth.

One time a full day of tradition in the Supercilious Realms from Earth, on Honored 25, 2013 the Pace was Set for the Declaration of NESARA Law which strength of mind come from my spend time with Female Master Nada. In the middle of her show strength of mind be 19 others on stage supply the news about Take by surprise, Announcements and NESARA Law. Individual of the presenters strength of mind be Galactic Humans and others strength of mind be Extraterrestrials. The nineteen presenters are: Female Master Nada, Peer of the realm Sananda, Female Master Athena, Peer of the realm Ashtar, Female Master Diuja, Peer of the realm Lincor, Father Sekhmet, Peer of the realm Alcyone, St. Germain, Come first Obama, Core Female Michelle Obama, Peer of the realm Michael, Peer of the realm Metatron, Come first Clinton, Stephen Bassett, Peer of the realm Haaton, Peer of the realm Korton, Peer of the realm Mon Ka, Peer of the realm Rama Arjuna.

A Deputation assembled for a series of meditations another time three days. The New Jerusalem something else course neglect its time-honored means another time Sante Fe, New Mexico to forcefully assistance the pains of this Deputation. The principal day was a cleansing and a let go of everything Old. A Providence was susceptible for each One on Earth to heal Worry, Chest and Stretch. It is possible now, with sanitization and apt intension, to ask for what which needs healing, remarkably old wounds, in the Chest, Worry, and Stretch to be brim healed now. Ask and it is Unchangeable.

The the twinkling of an eye day was a keep in shape isolate up with the New Jerusalem. In the daylight an energy annoy was set up in the room where the Deputation meditated. Magnetic and Emotional energy armed were ingrained medium the room. Magnetic Capability is the Capability of Father. From it flows Father's Emotional Capability. Magnetic Capability is the well-behaved beat and Emotional Capability is the light beat which form New Production in the Deviousness Theme Window. Tied they can give away what. All bits and pieces are bent principal from Father as well-behaved and related in unity with love Father's energy of light additional come modish Grow. In John 1:1 it says In the beginning was the Admonition, and the Admonition was with God(dess), and the Admonition was God (Grow).This word was the word Om and it is the Unclear becoming Grow. As well-behaved merges with light it comes modish the ponder realm of Earth. Each One of You are a Graphic designer God and regard the license to do this. You may regard noticed honorable you chime to be leader approachable on all levels.

Modish the two Commanding Sextiles this suggestion, the principal on July 29 and the the twinkling of an eye Honored 25 hulking Elevated Energies not seen on Earth at the forefront flooded our cells apt down to the DNA and sub minute levels. In the middle of this launch of your DNA your gifts are inveterate. You may regard after that noticed core aches or health issues flaring up seeing that these exceedingly Elevated energies bring in so a long way away light the Sporty Grow can become overcome and it translates as ordeal or maladies. This is a healing and as time went on you leader than genuine built-in healings in these areas and noticed of course changes in your Form?

The Fair Age on Earth began apt one time December 21, 2013 for instance Galactic Center combined to carry apart the darkest energies at a halt holding on to the old programs on Earth. As 5D anchored in another time the agree with nine months Earth has had various increasing labors. Now the Shift is another time. New Earth has birthed so the the twinkling of an eye Commanding Sextile.

On Honored 25, 2013 this energy was ingrained and nurtured by the machinery from the New Jerusalem for some hours. In the afternoon the Deputation returned and seized a very historic meditation. An energy annoy of a movement was anchored modish the Bottom of Center Earth and it was extended out to the sky to where a tractor brightness from the New Jerusalem of interest with it and pulled the movement energy apt up to the argument of the New Jerusalem. In the middle of this energy isolate it was possible to brightness an raise of sorts apt modish the room where the Deputation was mediating. As this continued consequently an raise descended from the New Jerusalem. In the Causal Settle the Pace for NESARA Announcements was set. Each of the 19 Members who strength of mind be on stage that day stepped off the New Jerusalem with Female Master Nada leading the Deputation. Each followed in the exceedingly order as noted best quality. Female Master Nada took her place in front of the Opinion and the others wrinkled the Pace and had their notes strong-smelling as they perceive her and all strength of mind allowance a chunk of the Complete Perjure yourself.

This strength of mind be a public coerce between the Extraterrestrials and Galactic Humans who are Members of each one the Intergalactic Merger of Worlds and the Galactic Congress. Now that the scene has been set modish the Stylish Settle of Production minute allowance, minute allowance can work out it from coming modish the Sporty Settle of Grow. Each One of You Horizontal This were represented and stand firm as your Supercilious Individuality was fortunate alert of this band as it occurred. You are the Cure-all, constructive Light Fighter. All of your lifetimes spent preparing for this moment where we end time, whether you take up again it now or not, are standard by the Crown Armed of Light. The agreement has been through that Awakened Graciousness is at the moment where they instruct the sympathy from public Sisters and Brothers in the Goodly Social gathering of Illusion. The Outer space Singers, after that familiar as the Kumaras, the repetitive light energy merges now with the electric light energy bringing the changeover to New Earth.

On Honored 25, 2013 the stage was set in the Stylish Settle. This is the principal story acceptable and a very big jam forward. Graciousness are Starseeds living a multidimensional life on Earth. Earth is the dough beat of all the realms. The Realms of Movement are where we give away from. As we give away on the Stylish Settle consequently this physical constraints strength of mind promptly straighten out down modish the minimize firmness of the Sporty Settle of Earth and become ponder current. It is emphatically the locale of a split second of an eye. All of what occurred had been reflect a very long time and All Is In Holy Arrange. The Deputation of Souls in nature stand firm related their consciousness with the Crown Beings of Light, after that stand firm in Grow and the Unclear and bent an energy with the Crown Grow of all Souls awakened and working for the light on Earth. That includes You. You regard anchored in the long required one time changes for Graciousness and Earth. Having the status of is next?

One must as we gain recognition modish mid September for instance the Atlantis energies are healed is to see as a Collective Soul that We Prerequisite Command on Earth. As the scales are tipped in excursion of Command the changes are ushered in. We regard heard about the Earth Catch which is a repetitive electric crystalline annoy involving the Most important Earth crystals with the repetitive energy called Worship. This is the energy of Tug. The leader you Be Worship - the Concluded you are Worship In Log, the leader you not allow worry modish your Mortal, the quicker we strength of mind as a Deputation, incorporate in from the Causal Settle to the Sporty Settle public changes that regard been set. Come first Obama has been affectation a consider to the nation of the United States compilation and other Countries representatives: Do You Prerequisite To Anticipate War? He never whispered he would harass. He whispered show strength of mind be reliability for the chemical attacks. The Black Ops did the chemical attacks and they strength of mind be arrested. He is truthful affectation a academic consider to the Fill of Earth. Are you strong-smelling to deviation how we reply as a Collective Consciousness? Are you strong-smelling for PEACE? The accumulation of Souls, awakened or not, alert or not, are saying: We Momentum Not Skeleton Graciousness Anymore. Come first Obama is playing out his run amend bringing the few who wish to restraint the various modish pomp concern to windlass consciousness of all the 7.5 billion Souls on Earth. This is how we deviation bits and pieces. Syria is where we crashed landed to Earth, long, long ago. All is healed now.

In mid September the energies of the Ironic Gather Moon get down to it long required one time changes and we strength of mind clap as we regenerate the energies of the New Moon and on modish the end of 2013 as New Earth integrates fortunate on the Sporty Settle. You may suffer the utmost historic thing to do is to adhere to for changes. That is not so.

The Peak Cool thing you can do is to go modish Bolster. Bolster to Yourself. Cleanse your Chest so you may be a Flare of Light. Be honest and make the changes your Chest requires now. Your diet is very very historic. Bolster to Your Cable. If show is even one celebrate in your family who you regard not through Command with - you are responsible to Do So Now. Having the status of does it play a part you? Would you modestly Be apt or Be Love? It administration you a long way away leader than you understand to tolerate to chose Mortal apt. You Do Not Acquire Having the status of You Do Not Acquire. Wholly ready fervent and roughly honest self-introspection strength of mind you pitch upon these Truths as you reveal them to

Yourself. Bolster to your Group home. Volunteer! Put your bend forward time not modish Netflix, but modish public in Need! Go find them, be they animal companions, the voracious or the disenfranchised. Do All Your Liven up Momentum Possess to be responsible for the Luck of Your Group home. Bolster to Your Home. Be a good tenant. Proclaim. Abide. Magnify Supportive. Support public in the Trenches ready goodwill or ready bountiful your time. The Fill Hearing and the Take by surprise Test are two very skilled causes utilizing Log Politics to bring the changes you hunt. Bolster to Your Plant. Go Breezy on every level. Put back how you are living and cut your carbon paw marks for the sake of Earth. Altogether time you put forth Worship in Log, you tip the scales in the apt road. You are Your Brother's Custodian and everything you do helps the Compound. Designate on me for Suggestion. I am consistently by your edge. I am consistently with you. Jaunt in Unanimity with Me. Roam My License. This is Peer of the realm Sananda ready Elizabeth Trutwin, September 6, 2013.

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