Monday, July 14, 2014

Hulda The Goddess Hiding In Hebrew Tradition

Hulda The Goddess Hiding In Hebrew Tradition
In reminder to my ancient history post, this post courage hold at the prophetess Hulda (in Jewish tradition) and her hidden limit to the Bereavement Idol Hulda (of Norse tradition).

In Old Norse, Hulda money surreptitiousness and defeat. Let's see what's quietly defeat in Hulda's Hebrew name.

The Hebrew name Hulda () from the Hebrew underpinning money weasel. The weasel is a classic totem recycled by shamans as a guide including the Criminal world, the realm of the dead. Nicely plus, pass from the start, we see the limit of the Hebrew prophetess Hulda, including her Hebrew name, to the Criminal world and to the Bereavement Idol, Hulda.

A Bereavement Idol of dedicated kindness, in print (as detrimental to exculpation, in print -), Hulda in Swedish, my top domestic genetic plucky, money gorgeous, charming, faithful, kind and gratis (chen).