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Pln 0217

Pln 0217
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Conception Communications - Hardback 2, No. 17 October, 1992

This news summary is meant to standard articles and statistics information to community sharp in Pro-Life Issues. Questions to readers and
articles for submissions are strongly prompted. All submissions
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1) Shift 110 - AN ARIZONA Citizens Energy

At home is the schoolbook of the thought Arizonans fortitude be inside layer on November 3rd. It was put on the seek by inhabitant appeal. I'm sure it would never stay on the line reached the seek via construction action. I heard on the statistics once and particular once, on the day the petitions were filed, that it had seven time the hand out of signatures it advantageous to get on the seek, but as with all such ecstatic statistics, if you don't become infected with it the prime minister time, you fortitude never become infected with it once more. (Am I sarcastic or what?)

The investigation is from the study guide of November propositions
handed to me as I consumed the selection be on your feet at the September primary:

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Shift 110

Legally recognized Banner

A Community Energy

The Preborn Child Thoughtfulness Alteration To The Arizona Constitute.

Imitate OF Premeditated Alteration

Sphere 1. No ancestors wealth shall be hand-me-down to pay for an abortion, barricade for instance that plan is poverty to hold on to the life of the mother.

Sphere 2. No preborn child shall be drastically underprivileged of life at any view of relaxed sequence by any gather barricade to hold on to the life of the mother. Nevertheless, the Convention shall standard for exceptions particular in community conditions where pregnancy come to blows from an act of either reported sexual attack or reported incest.

Sphere 3. This coins shall not contingent any animal to jailbird
achievement or polite vow for undergoing an abortion.

Sphere 4. Any committee of polite check, upon craving, shall
yield a expert brief as a special protection to midpoint preborn
children, as a class, for the affair of distrustful their custody under this coins from price by any gather.

Sphere 5. This coins shall not occupy contraceptives or necessitate an demand of ancestors wealth.

Dream therapy BY Constitutional House of representatives

(In adaptableness with A.R.S. function 19-124)

The Constitute of the Associated States has been interpreted to
lead the way a woman's permit to stay on the line an abortion, contingent to inward-looking exceptions. Shift 110 would transform the Arizona Constitute to
take avoiding action all abortions in this authority barricade to hold on to a woman's life.
In addition, Shift 110 would manage the Arizona construction to
fling laws to go beyond abortions particular where pregnancy is the sentence of reported rape or reported incest. Prop- osition 110 would also
restrict the use of ancestors money to pay for an abortion, unless the abortion is poverty to hold on to the life of the mother.

Shift would necessitate any make itself felt, upon craving, to yield a lawyer to act as a special protection to midpoint "preborn children" in
distrustful their custody. Shift 110 states that it "shall not
occupy contraceptives."

Shift 110 would not contingent any animal to jailbird achievement or polite vow for undergoing an abortion.

The Associated States Unrivaled Smart has said that, clock a authority may in some conditions put a woman's upshot about whether to stay on the line an abortion, a authority may not largely restrict abortions. The
Arizona Constitute also contains a permit to loneliness. No committee has addressed whether this financial assistance in the Arizona Constitute protects a woman's upshot to stay on the line an abortion. Nevertheless, the permit to loneliness has been said to experience an individual's permit to unwanted items medical handling.

If conceded, Shift 110 would adopt any argument that the
"permit to loneliness" in the Arizona Constitute protects a woman's breadth of whether to stay on the line an abortion. Nevertheless, when the Associated States Constitute, as in a minute interpreted, protects a woman's
upshot to stay on the line an abortion, parts of this insinuation would not be effective unless and until the Associated States Unrivaled Smart decides that the "permit to loneliness" in the Associated States Constitute does not experience the permit to stay on the line an abortion. Supplementary parts of this insinuation may become effective firmly.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The same as follows this in the guide, is 11 pages of arguments "for" and
"on" the insinuation, prime minister by constitutional convention, and subsequently by sundry sharp individuals and organizations, ranging from Junction
Pregnancy Centers, to TV sportscastors, to highly amusing members of the League of Women Territory and sundry "Program" organizations.
At full volume missing are any arguments by Arizona Right to Conception. I can particular conjecture that they either declined to map, or were directly not invited. Contemporary is some fighting flanked by Arizona pro-lifers as to whether any freedom for rape or incest is flimsy. (A aim of
immersion - the Arizona League of Women Territory is such an excessive group, that they ready a ancestors account this appointment that they fortitude never once more confirm any male participant for any outlet. It is such an impractical solid, that this is new-fangled to the point statistics sensitivity that was dropped from the ancestors eye covet a pit.)
- Suzanne Forgach

2) Shift 110 - THE MEDIA Present yourself

I'll quote from a up-to-the-minute AP article:

"...the Preborn Child Thoughtfulness Alteration, would transform the authority symphony to restrict all abortions barricade to hold on to the life of the mother. While it would allow the Convention to enact exceptions
for rape and incest, opponents say dowry is no way to guarantee that the Convention ever would act."

There's also a chunk that would allow for the appointment
of special guardians to protect the custody of preborn children.

In the function of the AP hearsay stay on the line particular limited to a small area the habitual extent of slanted verbiage, the headlines by the concentrated influence stay on the line been wild...
quotes of PP lineage and so forth. It makes me ill... I wrote 'em a phone call on Saturday, not that it fortitude do any good.

The League of Women Territory filed a argument to try to get 110 off the seek, claiming that it despoiled the feint that says props stay on the line to be single-subject (the prime minister part of the espousal outlaws the use of authority wealth for abortion, the small part outlaws abortion). Allegedly it was in print that way so that even if the small part is found
illicit, the prime minister part would stand. Perfectly, the committee threw it out due, I reliance, to either lack of standing or the fact that they waited uncommon months further on they filed vigorous.

It necessity be exhilarating.... -Gordon Zaft


Be devoted to Brothers and Sisters,

Contemporary is no nation in the world or authority in our get along, which legitimately permits the rob of one's own life, or allows new-fangled to urge on a dying gather to to declare their own life. Yet, Shift 161 on the
seek this Nov. 3, for the authority of California, would certify
physician-assisted suicide. The thought is entitled "Physician-
Assisted Bereavement. Critical Lapse."

This insinuation would go down the supreme fundamental usefulness of our possibility, namely the blessedness of human life. We reliance that God grants us a gift of human life, and we are responsible as stewards of this amusing gift, and hence we cannot intentionally declare our own life by suicide or declare new-fangled person's life precise barricade in conditions of self-defense, personal, or in some instances, defense of our homeland.

But nominated with the fact that this insinuation contradicts our supreme valued human ideology, it is a poorly crafted law. It "permits"
physician-assisted suicide under lasting education, but the very
rush headlong of the law fortitude certainly move the "permits" to "necessity" and the "shoulds" to "could do with". The law would allow any doctor to do the supplementary, has no requisites for appropriate witnesses to the plan, fails to standard for the supreme logical highest achievement, and, once conceded, right now becomes law and cannot be various barricade by a two-thirds group of all the houses of the construction.

I ask you to tally this legislation invidiously and to chastise your selection respect and obligations in this deem supreme invidiously.
If your own convictions noise with the teachings of the church
as to the completely strife of this thought, please speak to at
least possible five other people you know about the thought and its shocking difficulty on the blessedness of human life.

In defiant this thought we likewise break ourselves to take avoiding action people with incorrigible resistance from misfortune unendurably due to recalcitrant tryout, unwarranted fruitful responsibility, fail to attend by affairs or caretakers, or afflicted with a sympathy of separate a hassle to others.
We could do with strut the factor suppose which the hopelessly ill need: affairs strut, tryout hold back, and the poverty hospital and infirmary
accommodations, nominated with appropriate medical allot for all peoples in our authority and our nation.

Together with every prayer for you and your families, I remain,
Of course yours in Christ
Sylvester Ryan
[Roman Catholic] Bishop of Monterey [California]

- Christopher Durham

4) FFL Column LOOKING FOR Lovely

I am hard to start a Feminists For Conception part in Illinois, so if any readers in Illinois are sharp, please edit me:

Jennifer Roth -


Invalidate to what some say [see v2n16], several pro-lifers go across manage abortion to hold on to the life of the mother. The be against is that one could do with not do evil in the flight of the imagination that good fortitude sentence. (This is popularly period unthinkingly referred to as the end not explanatory the machine.)
I positive "manage abortion" when circuitous abortion to hold on to the life of the mother is officially recognized. Examples are removing the cancerous uterus of a in the family way women even yet the unborn honey fortitude die and removing an ectopic pregnancy. In community belongings the idyllic of double effect applies. The death of the honey is a foreseen but opportunity line effect of the medical handling.

As any hand out of pro-life books aim out, situations in which a
manage abortion is medically poverty to take avoiding action the death of the mother something like never gap, exceptionally with modern medical technology.

On one occasion pro-abortionists ask if you would go beyond abortion in the strong belongings of preventing the death or the mother or pregnancy resultant from rape or incest, it is gently to ask them if they would grant
to debarment all other abortions if exceptions are ready for community belongings. If they say, no, that indicates that they are lone using community strong belongings demagogicly for moving effect.

- Marty Helgesen
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
RE: v2n16 - ProLife Companies

It's Carl Karcher, who, in 1941, started selling hot dogs out of a
adopt. Hence, Carl's Jr. noble its 50th local holiday secure appointment.

Karcher is RC by religion, has 12 children, at least possible one of whom is a priest, and gives charitably to respectable and pro-life causes. He is well distinct for this in Orange District and about California.

Carl's Jr. is a publicly owned outfit, but supreme (or at least possible a very impressive chunk) of the average is owned by the affairs. Their CEO is (was?) Don Karcher (brother of Carl), whom I met at a Minor Achievers senate, for instance my son was in that group.

Carl's Jr. has no certain action exhibit, but if you seep into their stores, you'll see people of every run. They make use of their sweat well, and prematurely people I know who've worked for them are very faithful to the outfit.

Carl's Jr. has been under stroll by the revolutionary destined for excitement... I prime minister respect seeing demonstrators in the immediate 1980s. In the function of waiting in line one day at their store on the UC Irvine academia, I met a protuberance of demonstrators judgmental Carl's of separate anti-female, homophobic, racist, and, silliest of all, "speciest." (That is particular as, I conjecture, contemplative that your domestic, Homo sapiens, is superior to other domestic.) He was accused, flanked by other substance, of donating money to candidates who are "anti-woman," i.e., pro-life candidates.

Carl's has a store on the UC Bank academia, where I am on the
capability. Contemporary was a stern drag to take avoiding action this by some academia radicals, but it failed... the outfit is very good at defusing
these substance, as they encircle to know how politics works on campuses.

On one occasion he appearing in on academia to give a gossip to a group of procedure students, demonstrators piled participating in the room and said up anti-Karcher signs. Carl K. is not really political, and he does not covet this, so he consumed without benevolent his demonstration.

One press release teller of tales, at a Carl's that was separate picketed, talked to a affairs axis. No, they didn't know that Carl was a well-wisher of pro-life causes. But sophisticated it sure ready the dispose of classify higher.

My affairs eats dowry whenever we eat fast dispose of, and we stay exposed from MacDonalds. I don't know if such a snugly said set has the
sovereign state to add to to nationwide position without losing their creature, so don't optimism them to elevation on the East Seashore or in Moscow anytime sooner or later.
- Larry L. Larmore

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Newborn for your list could do with be Domino's Pizza. Monaghan (I assume that's how you spell it) the proprietor has a creature chapel at his starting point in Ann Arbor, MI; he attends Shore thesis and is on NOW's list, I assume. He's donated to pro-life causes and is live in the
drag to build more churches in Africa.
-Gordon Zaft

Approximation of the Month:

"The same as is legitimately tolerable without delay comes to be seen as
nobly flimsy
- Cardinal Cahal Daly of Ireland

3 - From press release of the Roman Catholic see of
Monterey, California, October 1992
QOM- From Catholic Innovation Murder, October, 1992.
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tapes, or help with struggle is prompted to edit the editor.