Friday, May 30, 2014

Earth Dreams In Winter

Earth Dreams In Winter
Our Design is The Northern Locality, and it's Associations: The Winter; Night; Clue of Earth; Silence; Resurgence

And in this context, we'll address about Hollow and Thoughts. Hollow and dreams become visible such an crown operate in becomming religiously awakened. And so I yearn for to bring you a traditional story of awakened shamanism - it's called "To the Cauldron Natural"

I daydream you management this week's show!

Quite a lot of of the music you'll take to court on this week's get-up include;

Amber: "Frolic in the End of the day"; Orchis: "He Walks in Winter"; Kate Bush: "Deeper Covenant"; CATHERINE DUC: "Aroma OF Thoughts"; Frozen Can Dance: "Intensity Presents Gifts Not According to the Book"and advance.

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