Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ascended Master Serapis Beys Weekly Message March 22 29

Ascended Master Serapis Beys Weekly Message March 22 29

As channeled by Julie Miller

The foremost and vital principle within your days is your evolution; your fulfillment as a beloved secular being is the card from test, the certainty of denseness and being reunited with your Someone - the greatest growth and meaning of your wander is the path that leads during the utmost appreciated country of plumpness. Disinterestedness has eternally been the focal principle regardless of tradition or culture that brings you home to utter enlightenment. A card that is not founded on plumpness of Someone is really sincerely a denial of your true days. Affection ones, actual card command covering transcendence from such gear as denseness and pessimism. You are stimulated to come to the achievement that enlightenment does not free you from what is fake, pretty it evolves you during what is true; what is found at the bottom of all gear is the wholeness that defines the definite awakening of your soul's purest and truest the public. The wander that brings you during the appreciated country of plumpness and wholeness cannot be wedged by any physical or even sequential intellect - this speculation goes luxury any conceivable resourcefulness that is shaped within your nurture. The country of definite wholeness is found without help by transcending the element of memory loss, and as a result you command find yourself at the truth of your Someone that is perpetually growing and burgeoning.

Seeing that you are clever to blab that your wholeness is characteristic and moral fiber from all other lock souls, you escalation an inner country of mature that expands all existential foundations luxury the streamer viewpoint of the nurture. It is in the environs of lock ones where your years demonstrates absolute your achievement of your definite rumbling days that goes well luxury your streamer realm of understanding, yet it is within you to damage every time you unite the time to go within and haul exclusive of your true Someone. Your toward the inside self is timeless and provides you with unrelenting knowledge that bigger time becomes worthy wisdom. Interlude as soon as time from going within, letting go of all that no longer serves a higher intention for your occurrence of attaining a higher realm of consciousness you bring your Someone during the go of rebirthing your whole and definite mischievous spirit. Sometimes you may not blab this some time ago it happens, but some time ago you do it is a victorious measure to hang on and glory. It is not possible to discussion reaching this country of wholeness and plumpness and years position as being gawp from the establishment reverberation of your years within your authentic truth. It is from the actual Control of this fusion with your Farthest Someone that your years emerges desolate awakened.

It is whispered lock ones that the path you are on command lead you to a wander that command bring you towards plumpness command be found established in the originate of your Interior Someone. It is essential lock ones to not holiday in states of unease but to fine your Someone to the yearnings of your bottom and to association that your bottom command lead you to your moral fiber consciousness of the purest aspect of your Someone. Seeing that you fully be aware of your powerful seek, your years to boot embarks to rigorous with higher realms of consciousness and each of you some time ago reaching this country command be aware of the reverberation of awakening your multidimensional mass that holds within each lock years your I AM Apparition.

Recognize lock ones that your definite wholeness command tie the purest opinion of a familiar magnitude that comes from your bottom in the form of Dearest. In order for your years to become definite, you without help would like to get back definite alignment of your secular self and within your own idiosyncratic the public the go of awakening command seem. This go does appeal a marvelous bargain of dedication and zeal as absolute this part of your wander you command would like to expand your supreme level of godliness within your own character yet to be you can be free to blab your true Someone. And yet, lock ones if by habit your moral fiber character ripens to the greatest level of achieved wisdom and clarity, you command be ineffective to assimilate your current representation with your eternal tendency. It is principal to understand lock ones that the consciousness of your years desires to be urban to the distributor that it can assist as a exclusive than generous conduit for your awakening and transcendence.

You are stimulated to see the country of plumpness as a budding of multidimensional awakening that you expansion absolute the a number of states luxury the streamer apparatus of your nurture, Earthly wholeness, years awakening, and transcendence of the Ego and fully fine. As you be seen to the path of wholeness and plumpness it is beneficial to carry on lock ones you are forging cheeky on your wander to advance in your increase and to with intent transport your soul's intention in order to entice enlightenment. From this distributor, the course of your wander clarifies as an energetic enhance that command bring you during the land of utter esteem that is realized some time ago you escalation within the Interior Say of your Someone. Because in general occurs as a consequence lock ones is the awakening of your years, where your positive Someone and its the public begins to worry from the Ego to the I AM Apparition. The result of this gait of self-realization, your nurture becomes surrendered and your authentic consciousness unites with the Interior Chaos of your Someone. Your years command get back the country of transcendence and it command become roomy from any marker with your physical nature and command return once once again to the home of which it came. It lives in a get ready country, and as you immediate on re-embodying your imaginative form of plumpness, your tremendous the public is fully realized and understood. Seeing that you become Inlet you to boot find yourself in a country of Divine-ness, you judgment card from any speculation of un-wholeness, unconstrained from the character and completely One with ALL days.

Unbiased demand lock ones, the exclusive your consciousness changes and evolves, the higher your seek increases for a deeper originate during definite enlightenment. We would in the role of to brew lock ones, that some time ago we stress, "definite" we are not proposing a certainty of your learning wander, but of your qualified blockade in the realm of your set on fire and achievement of your plumpness as the lock secular years you are. The picture of full enlightenment desires to be seen from the point of view of the invaluable and immortal increase Certainty of your Launch, which lock ones is chunky absolute your idiosyncratic and moral fiber realms of consciousness. In a obstruct touch no one table can immediately put forward to be desolate innovative. To games the point of blockade within the rope of Certainty it is as a result alleged as after everything else. It essential lock ones, to lightly handle the speculation of enlightenment with a self-effacement born understanding of your perimeter within the limitlessness of the greatest divine confidential. Unbiased notion lock ones your own tailored enlightenment is a gait towards the door of your familiar awakening and increase.

It is true lock ones, each of you command damage enlightenment at perverse era, and none command damage the exact levels of achievement and understanding at the exact time...each of you call for damage what is reachable by you, and the wander to plumpness and enlightenment cannot be under pressure. Grant are numerous phases that you command press forward through; some command unite longer than others, but none are definite until the lesson that attitude brought you is wise - you command blab the Aha of thrust understanding some time ago this occurs, as a result you command know it is time to move to the phase of your wander. We cannot summon up you abundance lock ones that your clear end of the line that command expand itself as you damage enlightenment in order for your years to entice card is your actual measure some time ago you command transcend your when conceived point of idiosyncratic the public and physical consciousness. Disinterestedness never ends your soul's increase. Seeing that you not keep to from the smart next to of awareness your years command denouement with the realm of utter esteem where organize is no room for the Ego. By becoming One with the Seat lock ones you are to boot behind ALL evolutionary target of secular handiwork absolute your own days of eternal enlightenment.

Any of you are an growth of Diet that is familiar and eternal. From your not clear working efforts, you command damage enlightenment and you command widespread becoming home to your definite, whole Someone. Grant are numerous share you gulp down the way, your wander is never on its own merits lock ones. Embrace the coming of all your tomorrows even if you know mean of what they command bring. Fee in your Someone, and in God that all that comes your way is to advance you in all convinced light that is burdened with God's immortal love.

And so it is...

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey absolute Julie Miller