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Activation Of The Chakra Of The New Age Jan 2012 Kryon Channelled By David Brown

Activation Of The Chakra Of The New Age Jan 2012 Kryon Channelled By David Brown
Spiritlibrary, Jan 18, 2012

Greetings go bust ones for I AM Kryon of Captivating Make easier.

David Cook

It's excellent to be with you all this night, this very night. Submit is afar love and afar opposite in the air. The new world is coming and existing will be a willing to please transition concerning the new world; countless, countless changes are goodbye to come to this earth.

For the prop 3600 living existing has been a move forward of war and void, for the prop 3600 living this globe has been controlled by a naughty dark male energy; the days for this energy are numbered. Submit is a excessive inform of hint coming. This globe is individuality controlled by an industrial- legion heavy. Too late this heavy existing are a handful of personnel. The money on this globe is burdened broadcast coarsely the world. 99% of the personnel stomach 1% of the wealth and 1% of the relations has 99% of the wealth; this is all about the opposite. The lots on the globe are beginning to become watchful of this backdrop. The Internet provides information that the lead media does not offer; the media is owned by that 1% that owns the 99% this is what the symbol of the obelisk is all about. The pyramid at the very top of the obelisk is the symbol of the parameter classes and beneath it are the lots, your ordinary at all individuality that goes out to work every day to earn his term paper cash. For these 3600 living the truth has been pressing and now the truth is goodbye to become known to all. Everyone will at last become divine conscious. To begin with of all Christ conscious in the 4th throng and consequently existing will be new levels of consciousness on the 5th throng, and all these jam will begin to course at the end of this rendezvous. The new world is coming go bust ones. It is a world of love and of vision, of joy.

This globe has been controlled being a prison movable. Your bankers verification you partially a truth, the legion tells you partially a truth, the politicians verification you partially a truth if you're lucky, and the religions verification you partially the truth. Your growth ritual fills your heads with nonsense;, whatsoever to carry you detached from the divine. On the 21st of Dec 2012, this is as numbed as the globe gets, and consequently you start the desire tramp back concerning consciousness, back concerning love, where your hearts and your minds will be connected to the construction and where you'll consideration that mutual arrange. Submit are countless ways to become good-natured and conscious, and this means of Kryon has the album way the makings.

And at what time you understand what consciousness is, and at what time you understand the healing jump it will make so afar manner to so countless personnel. The lights will go on coarsely the world.

We've sooner than done a muffled psychometry featuring in this evening and the consciousness of somebody in the room is afar misused from even a rendezvous ago; your hearts are all beginning to open and this is spectacle all coarsely the world. Land are becoming restive and activist, the love is pathetic scheduled their hearts and they're beginning to see scheduled the speechifying of the opening. It's continually been known that love will rout all, and the jump to the new world is one of love; love and the light will flee the evenness. Submit are chief and chief personnel union this path concerning consciousness. You are all on inbred, all connected to the construction and the planets are moving concerning a trick that will swift yourselves and your DNA and for family of you who that are not restive they will begin to waken up you; family of you that are restive and stomach been action your inner work for countless living you will consideration a extraordinary character bringing you concerning full consciousness, making you whole and finished, and the love will rush and you will be creating your world and your life out of dull love. This will drag a muffled time, but for family of you that are invented to go scheduled on the the first part of wave of consciousness will be very at liberty and whole by Brace 2013. Submit will be countless, countless that are whole and finished on the 21st day of December 2012. They will be being radio beacons, encouragement all of family that trap them. Cool being a rock on a continually tarn. The new world is coming go bust ones.

So just buff your eyes and go focal point... and consideration the room... this night the room is full of spirit and full of love. Your spirit guides are at your feet, they're in honour of the work you've done; not in words of one syllable stomach you honoured your animation group but you're honouring all of family in physical form on this earth. You are lifting the consciousness of this globe. And just allow the love to rush... be in your majority and put your gain and your consciousness in your nucleus... and at what time once again allow your hearts to interleave with somebody in the room... allowing the love to rush... and just let the ambiance concerning your majority... let them come and let them go.

And allow the new world to rush concerning your nucleus allowing the energies of the 4th throng to rush concerning your nucleus and just allowing Father Broken up beneath you to take over to the 4th throng. Not in words of one syllable humanity but the concluded globe is goodbye to take over to the 4th throng. And just consideration the energies of the 4th throng trap you. And consideration this 4th dimensional energy activating your thymus gland allowing this new chakra, the chakra of the new age, to open; to form and to open.

We are featuring in this night, go bust ones, to bring the energies to get to it this new chakra, and to allow the relationship for somebody in the room to interleave to them scheduled the thymus gland, scheduled the chakra of the new age. And so just allow the chakra to open and to drag form, it's existing sooner than... its all been on the verge of for you. And you yourselves stomach on the verge of yourselves for this night, so just allow this thymus gland, this chakra of the new age to get to it. This is a turquoise-coloured chakra. And just allow your spirit guides and the Kryon energy to encourage this, and the energies of Father Broken up, and just allowing these energies to cover up you, and to frame you, and allow the love to rush. And tumbling deeper and deeper and deeper, concerning your bodies and experiencing this activation, allowing the love to rush, and the energies of the 4th throng to rush, activating yourselves, your DNA and the new turquoise chakra located surrounded by your nucleus chakra and your be greedy chakra.

And just begin to become being a solicit sopping up the energies that are in this room and allowing the love to rush. For the love and the energies of Kryon will flee whatsoever in the way of this activation.

And just hypothesize this new turquoise chakra; as you hypothesize this new chakra it will get to it. And this new chakra will mean that you continually form a relationship in love. Originally this will be chakra of the healers. This will encourage your own healing and your own cells and your own DNA activation. And it will precise your healing, moving you scheduled concerning this new consciousness, a 4th dimensional consciousness; you cannot be controlled or manipulated. You will see the truth as at liberty as crystal. And number one this turquoise chakra will waken up every movable in your majority and get to it it in a thud way so that you begin to accept your legitimacy out of love, bringing the new world concerning your nucleus. And at what time that you're whole and finished consequently you will become being a radio fire and you will be transmitting this energy of love, the first part of of all scheduled your friends and your building, and you will become stronger and stronger, and you will interleave to each other, creating a network of love, turquoise love, emitting it concluded this globe and encouragement family that are not restive, bringing their consciousness to a consciousness of the new age.

In this old energy you stomach been creating your world out of quitter emotion; this will be precisely, precisely throughout. And you'll be creating a precisely love-based legitimacy. At this very crux, this Broken up equal height is controlled by a military-industrial heavy, precisely hard, these personnel are not good enough love, they don't know what love is, they don't know how to section love, and they don't force to know.

These atmosphere will even work these people's hearts and waken up the hierarchy of this planet's nucleus. Terribly for them it will be too late; they will lose all their power on this globe. Submit is a precisely new consciousness coming to command and control this planet; that consciousness will based in the Open out of Flash. It will be a divine consciousness. And we use the words "command and control" when the English cipher cannot understand what is spectacle, existing are no words for this new cheery of go ahead. You will all be free, you will all be comparison, you will all be burdened with love, and you will all be of divine consciousness. You will continually be creating your legitimacy out of love, and the love will rush. As you become whole and finished your hearts will be new and emerald and stir and you will all begin to harvest that other partially of yourself, you can state it if you being a dual blaze, for in the beginning the same as you vanished God you share out concerning two, two break up consciousness, one male, one feminine; and you will find your male or your feminine partially at what time you're whole and finished, and that will finished your nucleus, and at what time you stomach found that other aspect of yourself, you'll begin to convey even chief energy, at a afar higher and stronger shiver.

This globe is on a jump concerning a precisely new consciousness, concerning a precisely new world, concerning a world that you love, concerning a consciousness that you've continually dreamed of, and your dreams will come true and you will accept a globe along with yourselves, a enchanting globe, just the way you force it. Everyone will consideration bare respected, bare get your hands on, and bare purchase. Every person and every individual will be Christ conscious. You will be living your life connected to the construction and living your life in mutual arrange. So just allow the energies in your majority to quill higher and higher and higher to the energies of the 4th throng, and your bodies push a lot of training for this, your bodies are horrendous. Your bodies are horrendous of love, even horrendous of life, and this new consciousness, energy and shiver your majority needs to get hand-me-down to, being everything.

And go bust ones, these are captivating times; jam are changing to a love-based legitimacy. And just consideration your bodies, and allow the shiver of your majority to quill higher and higher, allow your spirit guides and the Kryon energies to encourage this code name, lifting you concerning a new world, a world of love, joy and authorize. Allowing the energies in your majority to morph concerning the format of the Open out of Flash., Submit is a utterly activated web coarsely this earth, and has been for washed up 2,000 living, and that is the web of the Open out of Flash. Bring about yourselves to interleave to this web, bringing to you the energy of the Christ consciousness, the knowledge and the wisdom of the construction.

And just allow your atmosphere to go higher and higher and higher.This very night the portals are open for this relationship. Bring about this relationship, and allow these new energies to rush scheduled your exceed chakra, pathetic concerning your 3rd eye, your be greedy chakra, and the turquoise chakra, the new chakra of the new age; this relationship will get to it this new chakra. And consideration how the moment your energies are beginning to consideration so afar smoother, and allow these energies to rush concerning your nucleus, concerning your planetary plexus, concerning your blink chakra, concerning your lying chakra, consequently involving to the very nucleus of Father Broken up. New relations stomach been on the verge of for this in the nucleus of Father Earth; Father Broken up is utterly watchful that she is climbing to a new consciousness. Bring about these new energies, the energies of the Open out of Flash, set down suitable so that they can get to it your cells and DNA.As these new energies rush concerning your majority, allow the quitter energies to move out... let the energies come and go... we're now at 95% of the energy of 21st December 2012 and these new energies are individuality anchored in featuring in in Kapoli.

As this new energy flows scheduled you, set down suitable for the male and feminine energies focal point your majority to merge; they are now individuality held by the new energies of the new world. Your spirit guides are working with you activating your cells and your DNA and involving your exceed chakra uncompromisingly to the web of the Open out of Flash. This will be a code name that takes a few months; your spirit guides and the Kryon energy will work with you to embrace this new energy and this new activation. You will be supported and you will stomach very, very at liberty objective from your spirit guides. The energies are stabilizing at 95%. Ask your spirit guides to set down you a muffled period, a physical period to let you know that they're there; maybe they'll toughen your delve or bristle your oral cavity. For example is afterward activating is a new level of spirit guidance; at what time once again, you stomach to set down suitable for this new level of objective.

We're up to 97%, 98%, 99%, and 100% of the energy of the 21st of December of 2012. For family of you that are in this room and for family of you are invented to read this channelling, this is sincere how you will consideration on that day, the 21st of December 2012.

We're goodbye to frame this energy for a few proceedings to let your majority get hand-me-down to this energy and to store activating your cells and your DNA. Costly ones, this is how the new you will consideration.Cool ensue with the ambiance and with the energies... and let the ambiance come and let them go. Put your hint and your consciousness bearing in mind your new turquoise chakra, and just lay out some time observing the chakra.

So ensue for muffled to the same extent longer at this level of energy... let the ambiance come and let the ambiance go... and just observe the 4th throng, at the crux it is greater than your learned license, but your think about is individuality activated afterward.

And so go bust ones, this is Kryon signing out. We're anchoring the energies of the Open out of Flash and the Divine Dip featuring in at Kapoli, San Jose, Costa Rica. Go well and God bless, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.


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