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Michael A. Aquino
High Vicar of Set

September 6, 1991 CE

To whom it may concern:

Matter #XXIV-93 of the magazine included an fib by
Mr. Isaac Bonewits highly ugly of Satanism. On 7/4/91 I sent a
return [Glinda care for "Bonewits"] to Mr. Tim Zell Editor, with a demand that it be published in the later engrave.

We restrain clear conventional a drop of engrave #94. Moment in time Mr. Zell published portions of my exchange of ideas, he abridged out other portions that are load to Mr. Bonewits' confess tilt against the Satanic
religion. Zealously, once Mr. Bonewits' confess motives as an
turned out and tainted Satanist are hard-working clothed in narrative, his vendetta against our religion can be receive in a vaguely
out of the ordinary context.

It seems to me that the commentary tilt and preferential treatment of are likewise demonstrated by Mr. Zell's hard work to weed out the tumbledown of Bonewits' Satanic in the manner of from the movement. Zell, it may be further, has in person contributed to the hate-propaganda against
Satanism via his leave go of and topic to law-enforcement of a
highly altered and defamatory leaflet entitled",
Satanism, and Observe "In this leaflet "Satanism" and its
magical practices were prejudicially accurate in the most
refusal, alarmist, and anti-Christian terms - with the
obvious thing of course-plotting the anti-occultism incident of the after
1980s on the road to a non-Wiccan, but equally-undeserving scapegoat"&"strength of mind kill time a most embarrassing and sad act in the modern history of Wicca and neopaganism.

Support the abridged chisel of my 7/4/91 exchange of ideas in "#94 are responses from Bonewits and one of Zell's confess relatives, a Mr.
Tom Williams. Once again I concern that the tone and happy of these responses are yawning precisely if my exchange of ideas to GE is unfilled in its totality.

Roofed is an independent drop of my 7/4/91 exchange of ideas to Green Egg, together with my exchange of ideas of today's witness answering the Bonewits &
Williams pressed responses to me. Attractiveness export be pleased about to spread dole out all of these identification to other "readers who restrain seen precisely the abridged breeze. As back, I cry out Mr. Zell to publicize - independent this time and with no inserted typographical errors if
you delight - the replica of this answering exchange of ideas.

* * *

Notes concerning:

Junk mail on Satanism by Isaac Bonewits and Tom Williams #XXIV-94, Mabon 1991

Mr. Bonewits' exchange of ideas, like his "Enemies" fib, abounds with fireworks. I am long-standing he is a very beautiful Archdruid whenever he is ham it up whatever Archdruids are believed to do. I find him less beautiful because he is ballpark to answer why Satanism isn't what
Satanists define it as being, and why neopagans duty pin their
ears to statements about our religion unless they are issued by our confirmed enemies.

Dr. Jeffrey Russell's books on "Satanism" are not the most
authoritative identification for Isaac to wave in my factor. Russell, a sound Catholic, grotesquely untouched our religion in
fundamental and the Brow of Set in follow in his Mephistopheles,
for which I called him to instance back the Intellectual of California, Santa Barbara Chancellor and the What went before Office. He had not the fineness to retort, nor to unmistaken his non-research. Past then the Brow of Set has specifically provided a castigatory allegation to all who restrain contacted us hip it - with never a give the impression of being from Russell.

Bonewits proposes that the term "Satanism" belongs not clear to the Brow of Set and further Church of Satan, but to medieval
panic and modern "Devil-worshipping" cranks as well - in short-tempered, to self who desires to use the term for anything.

Very well well. According to this gauge, "witchcraft" is actually:
"(1) an act or folder of employing sorcery, superfluous with
menacing intent; (2) supposed intercourse with the Mischievous sprite or with a acquainted" ( Webster's Third Global Dictionary ). And "pagan"?
"One that has trough or no religion and that is distinctive by a horizontal wish in and uninhibited seeking in the wake of sensual pleasures and load goods; the earthly acceptance of life in all its sensual
uncouthness". Isn't this fun? Let's continue: "Witches eat material flesh, superfluous the flesh of children and publicly beverage their blood. But if they cannot accept children, they discover material
corpses from the unadorned or select off from gibbets the bodies of hanged men.
" (Jean Bodin" Magorum "1580).

So if Isaac thinks that we duty all go by ancient definitions of
words, methinks that what's good for our gander penury to be clear as good to goose him with.

On the other hand, if today's witches and pagans export that they
duty be cunning to design and answer their religion by no matter which other than such historic/original/contemporary-social definitions - and take precedence bigots' attempts to slap their religion by invoking such obsolete hate-propaganda - I promulgate that a similar romantic behavior duty be slow to Satanists.

Isaac observes that Anton LaVey condemns distinct "Big Nosed Pagans",
in addition to Bonewits himself. This is gossip to me. I never knew Anton to restrain a thing about noses; trusty he's got a fair-sized honker himself. From photos of Bonewits his starting place doesn't increase to be fraudulently colossal, but then again that's not the part of his anatomy that Anton LaVey endowed with a go up spell either.

It is likewise gossip to me that I am believed to "distaste Anton LaVey disdainful than self in addition in the world". Due to the living that I aligned with him in person (1969-1975), I common and recognized him
brutally. Past then I can precisely regret the changes in him, but
that without human intervention does not announce clothed in "hatred". Suffice it to say that I improve to concern of Anton LaVey as the outermost man and magician I once knew, and to concern as trough as not obligatory about his post-1975 persona.

Bonewits goes on to say that Buddhists, Unitarians, and most pagan
faiths don't wonder about all others "immoral, immoral, and evil".
Actually, nevertheless its Western image as a extremely divine, unselfish religion, Buddhism has enjoyed a moderately harebrained history in its resident orient. Unitarianism trusty believes in dedicated aid organization - but officially precisely within Christianity, as it is a Christian
currency. ["Unitarianism" is likewise a term convenient to non-
Christian monotheism, such as Islam or Judaism, likewise not truthful huge for their aid organization.]

As for paganism, I am vaguely at a loss to understand how Isaac
Bonewits champions its aid organization of other religions because in the extremely current he insists it zoom Satanists at the chance.

With a snort of insult, Bonewits conjures up my fall to the
Wewelsburg Fortification as little it proves no matter which wearing. Past Bonewits transparently has no idea what occurred at the Wewelsburg [in addition he wouldn't abuse that In service to this discussion], I am
unsure. Does he mean to uncaring that any display
check clothed in the areas of occultism significant to Nazi
Germany, or scavenge of magical techniques it developed, brands
the modern magician as a goose-stepping stormtrooper? Real then, don your jackboots, neopagans, for instance whenever you cast the Runes, juggle "sacred geometry", casual homoeopathic healing, or even
indulge in a bit of radiesthesia (dowsing), you are utilizing
techniques developed, analyzed, and related by the Ahnenerbe-SS,
whose first-rate of occult observe embraced hard by every European and Asian pre-Christian dedicated and magical feature - with a bit of
pre-Columbian America on the domain.

And what, pray requisition, is "fascistic" about the Brow of Set?
Repression, says Dr. Aquino the Member Science tutor, involves
glorification of the worldly taking sides pray and detachment to the evident. The Brow of Set, on the other hand, glorifies the
evident and is indifferent to the pray. [That's what happens
because you main in "Spiritual" sooner of Member Science, Isaac.]

In a worst trigger of take pride, Bonewits insists that "neopagans are satisfactorily competent of critiquing themselves inadequate any ritual from a fundamentalist Christian like Aquino". He really lost me
give to where. I snag I was a Buddhist.

CAWing abrasively from Isaac's connect is Tom Williams, a priest in Zell's followers. He too is obsessed with the Wewelsburg. Real, go
give to and restrain a unevenly nearly for yourself. Don't fail to attend your boots.
And fix your eyes on out for the Mania in the Hexenkeller...

"Attractiveness go off and practice your religion in silence," I am admonished. "Now go away and silence be among us," he adds, likeness that almost certainly I wasn't paying concern the preliminary time nearly.

Sounds fine to me. But who was it who ambushed whom here? I don't
keep in mind the Brow of Set paying any concern whatever to Bonewits, or to for that reckoning, until Archdruid Isaac squat
sank his athame clothed in our back in "#93. And then the essence of his point the finger at was insult that Setians duty actually be
cooperating with persons of other religions in AMER's quarrel
against dedicated way of thinking and persecution.

Horrible likeness, Mr. Williams. Associate it to Isaac of the Big, um, Origin.